Men's Sherpa Fleece Lined Hoodie

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Men’s Sherpa Fleece Lined Hoodie
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2/5/2018 - $15.29

Before anyone gets bent out of shape after receiving theirs - from the last time this ran, it sounds like you should order 2 sizes up if you want to wear this like a regular hoodie, and apparently a lot of people really really care about these being left zip so you know keep your masculinity on guard or whatever.

I bought one of these last time and will agree order two sizes up. I’m normally a 2XLT and ordered the 4XL and it fits perfectly like a 2XL, I wish it was a tad longer but it’s so comfy, warm and cheap, I’m ordering another color this time around.

I got one of these a few weeks ago and heeded the upsize warnings here in the comments (thanks!) My XL is more like what I’d expect a L to fit like. It is nice, especially for the price.

One weird thing is the zipper shuttle is on the left from the wearer’s perspective like a ladies jackets are usually is. Men’s usually have the shuttle on right side. It works fine, it’s just a little odd when I reach down to zip it. I’m comfortable enough with my masculinity to deal with it.

I bought one recently and the Poly lined sleeves feel terrible against bare arms. You might as well have made them from fiberglass.

The zipper is just too weird. I can’t wear this thing

I love the lined sleeves because most people wear something long sleeve in the winter and it so easy to get on and off without a struggle. Love the fleece lining, so soft and warm.
Dave Korsi

Other than the zipper being on the wrong side, the other thing that drives me nuts is the hood strings being uneven. They are fixed inside of the hood, so they can’t be adjusted.

It has nothing to do with masculinity. My lizard brain just can’t cope with the zipper being reversed. I literally fumble every single time I need to zip something backwards like this hoodie. The muscle memory just can’t relearn how to use it. I feel like I’ve had a stroke every single time I need to use a reversed zipper.

I just cut the hood strings off. When was the last time you used them?

Also bought one last time, and ordered one size up, which worked fine for me. Did find the zipper weird, but adjusted. Sleeve lining does make it easier to get on. My only issue is the smallish pockets, I don’t feel it’s a secure place to put my smart phone.

Mostly, happy with it–not sorry I got it.

You need to order 2 sizes larger …
Zipper is on the wrong side …
One man complains that the jacket is too short …
Helloooooo, people! Ya think maybe these are women’s jackets being marketed as men’s?

Ordered one for the wife, ended up fitting me instead! With the ‘modern fit’, it is a full two size smaller than you would expect.
It isn’t short, and is everything didn’t bother me at all. It is however, very warm. It’s actually a really nice hoodie. Very soft and warm. I’m comfortable wearing this under my jacket. Yeah. It was -23 last week where I live, and can get a lot colder.

I had to stop and laugh at this because it is sooooo true!!!

Hmm 2 sizes small and left zip. You think they might be womens jackets. You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time.

So I’m a lady, and the zipper discussion had me going “Our zippers are on the left??? Why am I not fumbling when I borrow a dude friend’s zip-up?”. And yes, you compelled me to check all the closed-by-zipper tops, coats, etc I own and it’s a 50-50 mix; all most definitely women’s clothing but half are right-zip. Guess that explains why I’m so adept :smiley: But also, probably another sign of women’s clothes generally being just made crappier than guys’. I want pants with pockets that are actually big enough to hold things dammit!

Last time based on advice I ordered, a 2XL. Because the price was good I threw in an XL also. The XL fit me perfectly but it was snatched by another family member. The 2XL is fine but I like the snugger fit.

This time I’m ordering some in XL and for the rest of the family.

As others have said the zipper is funky but I’ve gotten use to it.

In the days of “Hand Maidens” the reversal of Buttons was for the hand maiden’s benefit as she dressed her Lady.

I guess I will have to have my girlfriend dress me, from now on.