Men's Vito Rossi Tex Boots, Black

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Men’s Vito Rossi Tex Boots, Black
Price: $34.99
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Come on Woot, some of us have larger feet than that. :frowning:

So are these true to fit or do they run smaller or larger then the stated size?

Zippers on both sides of both boots?
no like

Limit 3 ? Who buys three shoes ? For that matter, why is 1 an option ? And with odd numbers being an option, how do you know if you will get a right or left foot shoe when you order ?

I don’t like that they aren’t leather. Stinky boot syndrome probably requires two zippers

It’s actually one of the reasons I love them >.> I have short arms and it can be a pain to get boots on and off. Having the option of where I feel I can reach (in my case, most often inner zipper) makes life a whole lot easier for me.

They seem to be fairly true to size. Maybe a touch bigger, but that seems to just translate into a little extra wriggle room for the toes.

The description on Amazon says “leather upper”. My guess is it’s a bonded leather upper coated in poly. Also a review says to order a full size up.

Bought these the last time they were on sale. Not bad at all for the price. There’s some indenting inward in the back heel that can cause some blisters over long periods of wear, but I was expecting that since I have dancer’s calves and kind of have to decide between a snug calf fit or that indenting xp

The only thing I don’t like is that I have strings poking out of the seam across the toe O.o They’re easily cut off, but it makes me worry over the integrity of the boots.

Maybe it’s just because of my narrow feet then xp I tend to be a size 5 in men’s, and am wearing these exact shoes as I type this as a size 5. But I might just be weird like that.

I was just looking at the description here that says “Manmade synthetic upper” but potato/potahto or something. Yeah, anyway I’d take a pair at $25 I suppose. You can start finding deals on ok boots around 70 or jump up to 250 for decent ones imo so this is in a awkward price point.

If I bought these, I would have to call them my Lee boots - ugly and homely

That’d get you laughed out of the ranks back in my day.

*~drools~*Army boooooooooots…

In all seriousness though, the zippers are great for those who have physical trouble tying shoes but are still active, and the ties include allow adjustment for those who might have dancer’s calves, such as yours truly.

On Woot they have a list price of $95, but on Amazon it’s $90. Which artificially inflated price are we to believe!?

Step 1 – Create a line of plastic shoes made in India.
Step 2 – Give them an Italian name and act like everyone should know who that is.
Step 3 – ???
Step 4 – Profit