meross Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini (4-Pack)

meross Wi-Fi Smart Plug Mini (4-Pack)

This is new to me, but can I assume that one smart plug controls " one " item ?

Thank You

Same price here as on the Mothership ($32.99 - $3.00 instant coupon).


I have the meross garage door controller and some single pole switches. So far the device quality, ease of installation, Alexa and Google integration and support have been great.

I would imagine the smart plugs would be just as good.

Their app is packed with features although somewhat mono-colored and simplistic in style.

I do have many smart plugs, although I have dual plugs instead with the Smart Life app. It wasn’t really a preference, it’s just what I started with.

The price today is NOT a “gotta buy it now” price.

It’s cheaper on the Mother-in-law ship because it’s sold by meross and you won’t pay taxes. So it’s roughly $2.20 less expensive.

even cheaper

I use these to schedule my holiday lights thru our Alexa. Indoors anyway, I use a cheap timer for outside.

Originally that’s what I bought them for as well! LOL

Since then I’ve been using them for just about everything in the house including designating one side of a double sided plug as a light switch.