Mesh Watches: Watch Us Make A Mesh Of It

I have the silver sunray dial from akribos that I bought here a while back. It keeps time well, no malfunctions on any parts . I was surprised that the mesh doesn’t catch the hair on my wrist at all, feels smooth and I appreciate that it seems to breathe well. I sweat. sue me. Only issue is if I hit the latch the right (wrong) way on something the clasp opens. Seems like it could be a little more of a positive closure, but its a minor issue and it has never fallen off.

Well this is a disappointment, these watches were lower priced on Jan 23rd, 2015. The AK716 were $59.99 vs $62.99 (also listed as 91% off list price) and the AK625, which is mislabeled here as AK716, was $59.99 vs $64.99.

What really pisses me off is I had ordered 3 watches. One never shipped and one was the wrong watch. The one that was shipped with the wrong watch, I was told they didn’t have anymore of the one I ordered. But here it is, for sale at a higher price. Not only that, but I didn’t receive the refund until a week ago and I didn’t receive the refund for the one that never shipped until 2 days ago. Woot customer service has really gone downhill. I think they automatically tell you they don’t have any more left, regardless of the truth. They used to contact their suppliers and usually were able to have items shipped out. Guess they’ve taken a page out of the Amazon playbook… “Once they are a customer, they will just buy more and more from you, so feel free to raise prices, reduce the level and quality of services.”

I miss Woot too, not the walking cadaver it’s become. It’s time for another company to step into this space and offer 1 (one) item a day and then work tirelessly to ensure their customers are satisfied.
I bought the LED Lenser M5.1 flashlight recently. In a previous sale of it I noted that people complained they’d received the inferior M5.0 version so I felt confident that Woot would’ve sorted that error out. Nope. I got the old version too. When I complained Woot offered me $2 compensation in lieu of a refund…
And don’t get me started in how uninspiring the ad copy has become…