MicrodermMD Home System

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Some additional info can be found over at the product page


Here it is in a previous plus event

By the way, the Amazon reviews for this product are fake. you can tell by how glowing they are without any substance.

We are from the Trophy Skin customer service team, and are happy to help out and answer any questions you might have about the MicrodermMD!

We have plenty of additional information on our website (www.trophyskin.com) including video, before and after images, and specifications, plus tons of great customer reviews on our Amazon page.

In response to the comment about the reviews being fake, we’d like to point out that the majority of the reviews have the label “Amazon Verified Purchase” which means the customer did indeed buy through Amazon. And the ones without that label means the customer could have purchased anywhere and still have written a review on Amazon. We stand behind the quality of our product with a 3 year warranty, the longest of any beauty device on the market!

A lot of companies give “customers” coupon codes to make things free off of Amazon in exchange for fake “Amazon Verified Purchase” reviews. Not saying your company has done this, but it has become increasingly common.

I can assure everyone that it is not our practice to buy reviews. I also invite you to check out our reviews on ShopNBC - http://reviews.shopnbc.com/3339/304-748/reviews.htm

Does it remove tattoos?

Woot listing says 1 year warranty and your own website says 1 year warranty. Is it 3 years or 1 year?

Our warranty for the MicrodermMD is 3 years. We have had Woot make the correction in the listing as well and it now shows up as 3 years.

The MicrodermMD does not remove tattoos.

@trophyskinsales: Thanks for joining us. We appreciate it when reps take the time to join our forums and answer Wooter’s questions.

anyone know where can we buy replacement filters? this thing comes with 100, but i don’t see anywhere on their website that gives the option to buy more.

also would like to know where i can buy a replacement head. i just read a review saying that the head needed to be replaced after a while.

Replacement filters can be purchased on our website or on Amazon. Here is the link on our site: Home Microdermabrasion Machine - MicrodermMD

The diamond tips are also available on Amazon but are not shown on our website. We are in the process of redesigning our site so if you do not find them you may order them via phone, email or Amazon.

It’s a pleasure to be here and I’m happy to answer your questions. :slight_smile:

Does this work on age spots on the arms where there’s hair? All the reviews are about treatment of face.

thank you, trophyskins. just one more question. the shop nbc video mentions a blackhead sucker attachment head (“Pore Cleansing Tip”). i assume that that will not be included with this woot deal, but will it be available on your website at some point?

vatchman, the shop nbc video shows age spots removed from hands. i would assume that it works on arms. if anything, maybe you could shave your arms if you have a lot of hair on there?

i’m torn on this deal. i am wondering if i should just wait until the machine is on shop nbc again so that i can get the blackhead attachment included (even though they charge about $16 more).

Yes, the MicrodermMD is suitable for use all over the body and will remove or reduce the appearance of age spots on hands, arms and legs as well as the face.

The pore extractor tip is included in the MicrodermMD kit here on Woot!

nice! i will definitely be buying, then. thanks so much for the quick responses.