Microsoft Wireless Laser 6000 Desktop Bundle



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Microsoft Wireless Laser 6000 Desktop Bundle
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Microsoft Laser 6000 Desktop Bundle


nice. Laser is so much better than optical


I work at Office Depot and this sells for $90. not a bad deal. too bad i dont need one


Played with one of these in the store. Nice feel if you like microsoft keyboards.
If there wasn’t that darn curve,I would buy this up. I can’t stand it.


My sister has this and she LOVES it, works very well!


this’ll sell out. great price. my boss has one, the mouse tracks nicely on most surfaces. dunno how the range is though.


Had one of these. Was underwhelmed, but the price that I paid was about $69 or so. If you’re going to be underwhelmed, might as well do it on the cheap here.


sweet, it comes with an ocarina attached to the left there!


Wow, no way. My Logitech S510 is WAY cooler looking, even though it’s just plain old optical.


How quickly does this go through AA batteries?


What’s the battery life on these?


I have this and it’s quite good
Paid alot more for it at CostCo


No rechargeable mouse, no buy!
And I needed one of these too ;(


This is a great deal!
i looked for a laser mouse and alone they are about $60


if it were just a keyboard, i’d be all over it… i got the gyroscopic mouse a week or so ago…props to woot on that one!


ouch, batteries… no good. although this woot does make me interested… i could use the keyboard.


Blah, I bought this same set at Circuit City 2 months ago for $29.99 after MIR. G’night woot… waste of time.


Not a bad keyboard…does well on batteries, but the mouse sucks…it’s too bulky and seems to outdated for me…I’ll stick with my rox0rs! Logitech for half the price then that.


Amazon $78.99