Mint 4200 Hard Floor Cleaner

Wait… What?

Is this the rebellious bastard child of neato and roomba?

I am the cowboys number one fan.

4/5 stars for over 400 reviews on amazon… must be pretty awesome… the son returns as mint.

4 star reviews and $30 more at the mother store…

D’awwwz Thanks!

[youtube=hG7W49UTx_k] [/youtube]

I swear to god, if this thing turned on in the middle of the night, it would scare the bag o crap out of me. I’ll just hide under my covers until the asthmatic demon cleaner goes to sleep or runs out of battery.

here is a sales pitch from HSN:


looks like a modded appletv. i know it isn’t, but it’s probably more useful.

It appears this just moves around a Swiffer cloth. iRobot’s Scooba actually lays down cleaning solution, scrubs with a brush, and sucks everything up. All this Mint does is push things around. I am fully capable of pushing around a Swiffer without robotic assistance. Just my 2¢.

If you have a dog or cat I would not suggest getting it. All it does is collect the hair into small piles and leave all over the house.

Are you speaking from experience of owning one? What if you don’t have pets, do you recommend it?

Until I got the Neato, I used the Mint everyday on my hardwood floors. It did a surprisingly good job of picking up dust and dog hair, and I used the throwaway dry Swiffer cloths so that I didn’t have to launder the terry cloths. Now the Mint is relegated to wet mopping the floors. It performs this task very well on hardwood. However, the Mint isn’t a vacuum and will not clean my area rugs or travel over the thresholds to the tiled areas so I’m glad I have the Neato to vacuum my hardwood, tile and area rugs. I really hate housework, so although I can push a Swiffer around, I’d rather have a machine do my work for me.

This is awesome! I purchased 2, one for my mother and myself, the last time it was offered. We both LOVE Mint! This is a great way to clean hard wood floors. It uses the store brand Swiffers both wet and dry also. You can afford to clean everyday for just pennies!

Bought one of these on a sale a few months back from BB&B for approximately the same price. I ended up returning this due to the fact that I still needed to clean around the baseboards and around my cabinets (the hardest part) as the device constantly dropped hair and dust at the edges when it turned. Cool idea but without a vacuum it doesn’t save much time and not worth the $$ in my opinion.

I have one of these, and I love it! You can use a dry swifter (or similar) or one with cleaner on it, and it takes care of everything.

I especially love the fact that it’s basically silent. I used to have a Roomba, but the noise from it really bothered me. The Mint basically makes no noise…

It also requires basically no maintanence or cleaning, unlike my Roomba, which needed a lot more care…

Will this work with a Mac? :wink:


Just saw this on Woot here a couple weeks ago, and when my dad was asking for advice for a gift for my mom, I suggested the Mint cuz it was neat. Just bought it for my dad to give on Amazon last Friday for $160, and now I’m kicking myself for not waiting 5 more days to buy it here. Oh well, at least I’m getting that money I spent for him back.

I have tile floors at my house. Would this do a decent job of cleaning? I understand it’s more for inbetween cleans and maintenance, but that’s sort of what I’m looking for.

Vs the Scooba? I hear that the scooba does well but the maintenance for it is too much to be worth it.

My questions exactly, vgzed. I begged Woot to offer a Scooba awhile back and then didn’t buy (was scared off by owners’ horror stories). I love my Neato and I really want something mainly to wash my kitchen tile. Bottom line: is this worth it, or should I plug my nose and go with Scooba? (or, horror of horrors, pick up a damn steam mop and do it myself?)

Am curious if anyone has any experience with one specifically in regards to how well it handles cat litter? We just put in laminate and the cat loves to flick it all over. Wondering if it would just push litter to the edges, clump on the pad or scratch the laminate?

I am also on the fence, however, unlike the two of you I have hard wood flooring. I am under the impression the mint simply pushes around a microfiber cloth (either wet or dry).

Do either of you use swiffer dry or wet to clean your tile currently? Are you happy with those results? Again, I’m assuming the Mint simply removes the human task of pushing the cloth around.

Hope it helps.