Miroco LED Adjustable Floor/Desk Lamp

Miroco LED Adjustable Floor/Desk Lamp

On Amazon a newer model is $39.99 and as today offers a $15 off.

Miroco LED Floor Lamp with 4 Brightness Levels & 4 Colors Temperatures, Adjustable LED Floor Light, Dimmable Adjustable Reading Standing Lamp for Sewing Painting Piano Puzzle Craft Bedroom Office https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V8FR6QX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_K2DtFbY8AQ1D3


The newer model is definitely attractive with that $15 off coupon, but please be aware that unlike the one listed here it is a floor lamp only and can’t be converted to a desk lamp.

Price: $39.99 ($0.62 / oz) FREE One-Day & [FREE Returns]
Coupon Save an extra $15.00 when you apply this coupon.

:thinking:But it’s only $0.62 / oz.
Can’t beat that, now, can you :question::exclamation:

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The Amazon one says its only 450 lumens. This one says 1815 lumens, if you can believe it.

I bought the TaoTronics version of this lamp two weeks ago for $45 and haven’t been disappointed yet.
It should be noted that the power button has a fairly bright blue LED when turned off so, since I’m using it in a bedroom, I placed a small piece of black electrical tape over the button.

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1815 lumens, wow like having a street lamp in your bedroom. I’d use that bad boy on a timer - time to get up!!

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I know Amazon says it’s a newer model, but I’m not sure I’d agree. This one is floor or desk, newer is floor only. This one is 12W, newer one is 10W. This one has 5 brightness levels, newer one has 4. This one has a timer, newer one does not. I would say there’s a reason that this one sells for $49.99 and the “newer” one is $39.99 (before coupon) that has more to do with the fact that the “newer” (by Amazon terms) is really just a different lamp with mostly fewer features.


Wow, talk about falling down a rabbit hole. Are Miroco and TaoTronics the same company? They sure do copy each other if they are not. Seems like this might be a case of flooding the Amazon market with brands to sew up the niche.

We’ve had pretty good luck with Taotronics and both “brands” lamps have excellent ratings on Amazon, often 4.8 of 5 across 3,000-6,000 reviews.

That alternative $25 deal (after coupon) posted above appears to also be available on the TaoTronics branded version of the lamp with the same decontented features as that Miroco.

This Woot lamp at $11 more might be worth it for the three premium differences:

  1. 1,800 vs 400 lumens.
  2. Convertible from floor to desk lamp vs floor only.
  3. Much more friendly controls on the mast rather than on top of the lamp head.

Note: none of these touch control lamps will be controllable by Alexa/Google Home.

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Noticed there is a feature-equivalent TaoTronics branded version of this Miroco at mother Amazon, however, its styling is a bit clunky and the currently available $10 coupon over there only brings the price down to $40 vs this $36 Woot deal.

I bought the TaoTronics floor lamp/adjustable top with the remote Woot had a few weeks ago and love it. I would easily buy another one.

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is this a telescopic conversion to floor to desk lamp?

Looks like you use one pole for desk and two for floor.


Thanks !

Could be wrong, but it looks like no polls for desk and two for floor…

Definitely missing one…

Oooooh, I believe you are correct.


I think you bought the correct one (TaoTronics) because it’s UL listed unlike this one.

What is the CRI?

Good luck there. As a firm believer in CRI being the selling factor, few companies measure well here. They think people care about lumens.