Sorry for the delay!


We thought maybe Woot had gone out of business and nobody told us …

No Jason. No contest. No podcast. No KT.

At least you didn’t desert us.



It took FenStar to get her here!

First Page!!!

There was a podcast. I listened to it. Didn’t I? Now I need to check.


Heh. Not bloody likely.

Did you think they killed me for answering correctly on the photos? :wink:

I went to a store and found a set of office furniture that I wanted on Saturday night. I cleared out the old office furniture and other such items on Sunday morning. I asked a few neighbors and my sister to see if she wanted any of my old items. I also put ads up on craigslist for FREE items.

We had overhead cabinets to prep for which meant getting a stud finder, putting up strapping and measuring a million times.

Afterall is said and done, my desk is huge. I am just waiting for the bookcase to come in as well as my curtains…




nah, i got an email from Matt Rutledge this evening…


hi kt!


it’s good to be in the new place!


Nope. Not this time. I got burned by AZG the last time I talked about my office set up. The office looks good and is my sanctuary.


Hey there!


Did you get the interview? Or was the e-mail the interview?


//sniff :’(


Your new office looks like laminate heaven.

/* runs away */


good to be in the new house.
//puts a small gas fire i n the kitchen for old times sake.


i’m sending him questions via email which he said he would respond to tomorrow.


Do we get to read the end product? Email us a link or something?




Which one are you?


Congratulations! Have to admit, I’m surprised. Another kudo for Woot.


if he’s ok with the end product going out, then sure… otherwise, nope!