mophie Powerstation 10,000 mAh (1 or 2 Pack)

mophie Powerstation 10,000 mAh (1 or 2 Pack)

These holding power for everybody?

I can barely get a full charge on a 4k mah phone… can’t figure out if it’s faulty or fraudy


Might be faulty.

I bought one from a (slightly) older sale, and didn’t know they sold it again so soon – mophie Powerstation 10,000 mAh (1 or 2 Pack)
TL;DR: I received the battery new in box, and upon first recharge, instead of coming with 25%-50% of charge, it was completely empty. Which leads me to believe it was abandoned for quite some time (5+ years) or in really bad conditions (super hot or super cold).

I have a few of these readers to track the battery as it (dis)charges – – and after two full recharges and full discharges, here’s how the third looks.

Haven’t tested how long it can take a full recharge (that is, at 100%, leave it alone for a week, then discharge to see if the full amount is discharged, or if a big chunk was lost in that month).
Something was definitely lost before it was shipped out of the Woot Warehouses.

Though on the side of “might be fake”, here’s a customer picture from a Best Buy that looks very different from the Woot picture (maybe Woot has an older model).
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Something’s definitely up with these

(Edit: thank you for sharing your detective work! Excellent job!)

I’d say the ancient battery theory holds up but if the pics are so diff, maybe it is a weird knockoff or recalled unit

@ThunderThighs any ideas?


Bought a similar tester just now at the mothership … This one has USB c in/out as well as reg USB in/out add will test USB C PD too…

Thank you for pointing this product out! (I can see why Woot isn’t carrying it :thinking::crazy_face:)



Yep… Only 7990 mah

Whaddya know

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Howdy. Make sure you reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.

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How’s the battery holding up after two weeks? Don’t forget to measure the output (the discharge rate)
Mine has dipped to about 7200 mAh by now, which is alarming, but I have been fully charging and discharging it once a day for the past two weeks. (That’s probably moderate use given it’s able to fully charge a phone twice.)

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I checked a few days after the first one and it had dropped to an ominous 6660 mAh … So 1/3 capacity missing.

I’ll check it again this week and see how it’s going.

(My decision to get another from woot (Aduro) has also not gone particularly well - USB-c issues… Will take awhile to discharge that one so I can test its capacity)

Will report back

Hello guys,

I think this capacity is even better than advertised. Every single manufacturer is providing the capacity based on 3.7v as it is a common voltage for a lithium cell. You are measuring discharge or charge capacity using 5v as it is common USB voltage.

Let’s count the capacity through the watts/hour. (mAh)*V/1000 = Wh

Manufacturer idea: 10.000x3.7/1000 = 37 Wh
Our calculations: 8.617x5/1000 = 43 Wh

As you can see it is even better than expected. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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The math is done in the measurement unit. No longhand required.

In the time it charged (over whatever voltage or wattage), the capacity is measured at 7990 mAh here.


Ignore the 5v in the big picture, it’s not currently charging (hence no amps showing).

The second test have mine measured at 6660 mAh CAPACITY.

Voltages or wattages or voltages at certain amperages to get certain wattages makes ZERO difference in the capacity of the battery, just the speed at which it charges up or puts out charge.

BTW, a fully charged 3.7v LI-ion battery runs at ~4.2v and an empty ish runs at about ~3.2v.

Aduro 30k (USB-c doesn’t work, have to use USB-a to charge devices) - capacity ~25000k

So… Another faulty/fraudy power bank

Edit: This bank has an onboard LED so I was able to ensure I discharged completely before charging with the tester by running the flashlight until it wouldn’t run anymore.

On the bright side, the re-charge only took 14+ hours :flushed:

Also see this Mophie pack had been relisted, but without this forum attached. Good luck to the new buyers. :+1::crossed_fingers: