More Magnums

I don’t think I’ve ever had first post nor been first sucker before. Twofer!

And I have nothing of value to contribute. So, um, heligoats.

I’d like to get a mag or two of the 1869 Zin but at $30 more than the 2010s that were offered previously, I’m having a hard time talking myself into it. Great vintage though and it looks like we are getting first crack at them because the 2012 mags aren’t yet listed on Scott’s website.

Big fan of the Zahtila. Good stuff. not sure i can drink a magnum by myself though…who’s coming over?

Then don’t buy them, make them come back with a more enticing price.

I’m eyeing the Z for my dad for Xmas. That’s a pretty attractive price for a mag of some good juice.

That’s exactly the strategy I was going for but figured it would be more effective if I voiced my concern instead of silently ignoring the offer. :wink:

I have been seriously considering the Zahtila Cab, though. I wonder what % is Howell Mt. fruit? You would normally pay that price and up for a 750 of Howell Mt. Cab, let alone a magnum.

great first post and first buy!

p.s. i thnk y’all are missing the point on the Browne mags. yummy (sorry Laura).

The Tribute Red does look interesting.
Tell us more; assuming you’ve pulled a cork.

Hello, Laura the winemaker, here. It is certainly a big bold mountain-based cab that won’t disappoint. Over 50% of the fruit is Howell Mountain.

Dang, you should all be jumping on this magnum. The 2006 vintage has definitely aged really well. This magnum could easily slip into your cellar for another decade, but why wait? Since our friends at winewoot are going to get it to you lickety split, you might as well make it the summer party red! Get 6 bottles and call it a night (that’s “party night”!!) Thanks for listening! Laura

Hi Laura, thanks for stopping by and for answering my question. In for 2!

Winemaker input always pushes me over the edge. Last enjoyed this 4 years ago, although that’s the extent of my notes. In for 2.

Love your wine, thanks for chiming in!

Thank you for supporting this woot!

Went in for one of the Zahtilas. Can you elaborate your “point”?

Isn’t it iffy to ship wine in the summer? Any way to delay the shipment until temps are cooler?

We are now in summer shipping mode. Read more here.

You’re wine is important and the wineries and Wine Country Connect will make sure it gets to you safely.

A pro tip from many wooters is to have shipped to your local FedEx office. That way it doesn’t sit on your porch. That’s what I do.

Or take the day off and wistfully stare out the window, waiting for the FedEx guy to come. That’s what I do.

The Shug lineup is actually pretty damn good these days too. Got tasted on all of them a few months ago by the regional rep, and was pleasantly surprised. I would gladly spend money on their wine.