Morphy Richards CHOP FoodFusion Food Processor

first of all, this looks useful… but too expensive, I think.

What’s the capacity of the bowl? Looks like it might be 7 cups but that’s just a guess. The .5L mini bowl is mentioned but not the capacity of the main bowl.


Edit: Their site says it’s 2.5 liters. Google says that’s just over 10.5 cups.

There’s a review on Alatest, basically giving this device a B- grade.,334/

$169 at Overstock
£107.11 at (not on US site)

Only found one review - the site. Has a good motor, but there are issues with the attachments.

wow, anyone who’s waited till now to get her a gift like this is in real trouble. maybe this and some diamonds would work.

From Overstock -
Morphy Richards Food Fusion Food Processor
* Food Fusion food processor is ideal for making smoothies, fresh juices and homemade soups
* Kitchen appliance features a classic design with heavy-duty diecast body
* Preparing your favorite foods will be a breeze with a food processor from Morphy Richards
* Unique cord and plug storage
* Quiet but powerful 700-watt induction motor
* Single speed with pulse
* Two positions for left and right hand use
* 2.5L processing bowl with 0.5L mini chopping bowl
Storage box contains:
* Fine and coarse grating and slicing blades
* Chopping blade
* Mini chopping blade
* Whisk
* Dough blade
* Spatula
* Recipe book

The details on the alatest reiew page state the bowl capacity is 2.5 liters.

WOOT do us a favor and give us the option of an amazing juice extractor instead!

Howevernice try; but no deal for me this time!

Instead why not buy a Cuisinart food processor on sale for 100 bucks at Macy’s? Use the 20% off coupon in the papers and get it for $80… {

Morphy Richards, who’s that?

To quote Jim Carrey from his “In Living Color” days:
“And THAT’S the BEAUTY of the ‘Juice Weasel’ !!!”

I already have a food processor, but I bet this one does a great job of shredding shallots.

Awesome - goin’ old school!

I see a number of less expensive options @ the local big box retailer, but they have fewer attachments. Can anyone comment on the necessity of all the doo-dads, or do you pretty much end up using one or two blades for everything?

i’m reeally just looking for a tool to make good salsa…

No thanks. Santa is bringing me my long awaited KitchenAid 12 Cup Food Processor. Thanks Santa!

can this produce 1.21 GigaWatts cause this would go great with my delorean

Love the Mallrats reference

Not if you’re in the market for one. I don’t think this has the capacity I need. Pass.

If this is anything like the Morphy Richards Juice Extractor that was sold here last week or so, don’t buy it. The Juicer arrived yesterday and was used this morning, only to find that the amount of juice you get is far overshadowed by the amount of pulp. I’d actually use the juicer for the purpose that today’s sellout.woot is for, but as far as juice goes that thing is the juicer equivalent of Manos, Hands of Fate.

I actually just ordered one of these…the price is good and the reviews are OK. I’ve been looking for a new one since the bowl on my old LaMachine is cracked.

I use the food processor constantly (worked as a teacher’s aide for food processor classes in a cooking school while I was in high school). Normally a good metal chopping blade is your main blade. A slicing blade and a plastic blade also tend to come in handy. I used to use a shredding disk for cheeses, but now the price of already shredded cheese in the grocery store makes this unnecessary. The small bowl could come in handy to chop onions, etc. but I have a little countertop model for that. I don’t think I would use the other attachments.