MSA Safety

These bearkat safety glasses are the only ones I have found that are comfortable.

Cheaper on amazon though

The safety glasses are evidently (according to the amazon information) rated Z87+ (high impact), as far as the ANSI spec. You’d think that would be a pertinent bullet to add to safety equipment.

i buy the bearkats from the 'zon also, i like them a lot. i get the ones with magnifiers in them though

What does the “That’s weird, because the photo makes it look more like MR.” comment mean? If it’s a reference about intellectual disability i’m done using this site, so i really hope it’s something else!

Um… Miss A vs. Mr. A

Settle down.

Reviews on the headphones aren’t good:

What? You’re not picking on MR patients? Well screeeeeew you, Woot, I’m outta here!


Need a new pair of gloves and this light attachment does sound super fancy. However, what size are these? On amazon, they link M, L and XL but there is no description here.

They’re listed as ‘Large’ in the title. Hope that helps!

The earmuffs only have 3 reviews on Amazon but all of them are terrible. Bad sound quality, bad reception, horrific build quality that falls apart during the initial use.
For $9 more than these (and free shipping) you can get a set of 3M TEKK earmuffs with a digital tuner from amazon. 4 star average out of almost 1,500 reviews.