MSI Creator 17 Professional Laptop

MSI Creator 17 Professional Laptop

Is it sealed new new? or open box?
Looks good, even with rtx3070 95W

It’s new.

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What operating system is this running? I couldn’t find it in the specs

Hi there. These are being pulled from Amazon inventory so we don’t have a lot of information. Here it is on Amazon:

Looks like Win10 Pro.

can an extended warranty be purchased?

Yes. As it’s new, you can choose your company of choice. Here’s the one we use. Sorry the links are missing.

Optional Asurion Protection Plan: To further protect your purchase, you can buy an Asurion protection plan from Amazon here. Review the FAQs for additional information.

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thanks. it is usually a bad turkey right at the start… or never. but I’d like a piece of mind if I bite thanks!