Multi-Pack ASST Winter Colored Gloves

Multi-Pack ASST Winter Colored Gloves


Should I address this to you?
Tried to order these (Christmas gift) but at checkout, $12.00 shipping was shown, so I backed out of the order.

Hope it gets fixed before these sell out!

I am getting the same thing. $12.00 two-day shipping without any other options even with Prime regardless of model selected


Can confirm.

And the shipping charge stays at the final checkout screen. I am logged in via Amazon Prime so that shouldn’t be there.

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I think we go through this every year, because of a repeating issue.

Maybe eventually it will be put on a list of things to remedy for the future.

Yep, I went to - but not through - the final checkout.
I also tried logging out and back in again - not knowing others were going to try it out for themselves and post results here. (Thanks, y’all!)

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Sorry about that.

Fixed shipping has been utilized.
I thank you.
Christmas gift recipients will be appreciative.
My hero!

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Review on the product please.