Mustek 1.5” Digital Photo Frame and Alarm Clock

Finally a new item


Cheap! Crap! $20.00 at target though!

The alarm on these are lousy…No way it would wake me up.

I think I got one of these for Christmas and it had 1MB of internal memory. I only remember that because I laughed it was so small!

Looks like it even has the temperature!!!


lol its flipping between soldout and not…

How do you have a first sucker, but sell 0?

That’s what she said!


Got this in the last woot-off. Haven’t had a chance to open it up and use it yet but it’s fairly small and it doesn’t look like the actual clock part has a backlight. Seeing it again tho makes me actually want to open the thing instead of letting it sit in the corner with my other woot-off impulse buys…

Why can’t they have the picture of the item with an actual photo on the clock?

How do you sleep when it’s 82 degrees in the room?

WHAT!!! I missed a Dyson! My wife is going to be sooooo irked! I can not believe it… man these things go so fast!

I saw that coming from a mile away.

WHAT??? I missed the vacuum? When is the next one??!!??

does it give the temperature for the inside or the outside? Outside would be more useful, since I have a thermostat inside.