Mustek DV-5500 Digital Still Camcorder with Docking Station



damned mustek again


The Woot Off has an HD camcorder for ten times this price. But I think you better hurry.


Mustinvest in Mustek. Woot seems to have bought their entire inventory!


I reckon they’re a little busy, what with the wootoff and all…


Does anyone know anything about this one? Is it complete junk?


Translation: Pleeeeease people buy it so we can move on…


fugly as all get out.


took long enough…the Robosapien must have clogged all your servers I guess? LOL


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Mustek DV-5500 Digital Still Camcorder with Docking Station
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Mustek DV-5500 Digital Still Camcorder with Docking Station

Long live the Woot-Off !!! Oh, wait … Wrong channel.


In for 2, great Xmas presents for an 8yr & 12yr olds!!



Max SD card supported ? Looking for a cheap camcorder.


Color check!!!


Is this decent? Anybody?


according to amazon this sucks…


Come on!

No optical zoom = not buying this device

(I mean really, no optical zoom can be accepted for still images, but for video… that’s another story).


RETRACTED. It has digital zoom, which makes the pics all blurry.

Yes, it is a POS.

It has 4x optical zoom…does it not?


If I were to use this mostly as a PC Webcam, how would it compare to others?


worst product I’ve ever bought. Broke twice. That last time was outside of warranty.
Takes horrible pictures. You’ll have to work to get one that isn’t blurry, or even push the little dinky button.


7-in-1 multi-functional Camera
Digital Camcorder
Digital Still Camera
Digital Voice Recorder
MP3 Player
Video Camera
SD/MMC Card Reader
PC Cam

This is pretty funny - seven functions? Doesn’t Video Camera = Digital Camcorder Or at least Video Camera = PC Cam?

Still a good deal.