MyPillow 100% Giza Cotton Sheet Set

MyPillow 100% Giza Cotton Sheet Set

Any indication of thread count? I couldn’t find anything in the description or specs.

Hi there. Per the vendor, they’re 400 TC.

Last time I checked, Giza was still in Egypt. Although Giza cotton is hand picked.

Egyptian children employed by cotton-farming cooperatives work long hours, routinely face beatings at the hands of foremen, and are poorly protected against pesticides and heat, Human Rights Watch said in a this new report. Most of the children are also well below the country’s legal minimum age of twelve for seasonal agricultural work, the report charged. The children are employed under the authority of the Agriculture Ministry, and the Egyptian government has a responsibility to ensure compliance with the country’s 1996 Child Law. The report also documents conditions faced by more than one million rural children who are hired each year from May to July, largely during the school recess, to control cotton leafworm infestations. Working eleven hours a day, seven days a week, the children inspect cotton plants for leafworm eggs and manually remove infected portions of leaves. An agricultural engineer assigned to one of the cooperatives told Human Rights Watch that children were cheaper to hire, more obedient, and had the “appropriate height” for inspecting cotton plants.

Mike Lindell needs to stop trying to be his own marketing champion.


Just received my sheets, bought 2 sets but had one sent to my mom. I can’t speak for her experience, but I washed mine and put them on right away. First night, they are JUST okay. I am glad I didn’t spend full price for them. They are not terrible, they are comfortable however, I have OMG sheets that are AMAZING these are not. Washed well, fit well, would not pay full price for them.
Now, I also got the mattress topper and that is AMAZING, can’t even describe how much better my sleep is since I got this. I would have paid full price for that!

Thank you for the honest feedback!

Purchased two set of these sheets. Washed one set and have been trying it out and I have to say that I’m extremely disappointed. Purchased the Grace Home cotton sheets last year and loved those. I had hoped that these would be similar, but they’re not even close. My Pillow has a 60 day money back guarantee on their website. Does that apply to these sheets purchased on Woot as well? I’d like to return them if possible.
Thank You

Sorry you don’t like them. Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Hello, I have had One very simple question; For quite some time! & I have Never received an answer! It is about mike lindel’s my pillow 100% Giza cotton sheet set ! Very Simply: I fully understand the sheets have 100% Giza cotton! BUT: Exactly How Much in percentage? example: these sheets have 100% cotton! yes! But in each sheet there is 50% OF 100% giza cotton…PLUS 50% OF’ 100% Polyester! … what IS the answer to this Question?? I have contacted them many times … in person and on line… MY Question is Never’ answered… the only answer i get is: “Sir… we are Mike Lindel’s my pillow company and we asure you that our sheets have 100% giza cotton!” This does Not’ answer my Question! I have a feeling I am still never going to get an answer now either ! Hey, if this IS a scam and no one cares? Have a good night sleep! OR… Not! Gary … you could send my answer to email-removed But for-what-it’s-worth? I won’t be holding my breath! Gary

Damn Gary. necro’ing a year old topic on a site that isn’t MyPillow because Mikey Lindel won’t answer your question? That’s harshing my mellow.

Who is Gary again?

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