Myvu Personal Media Viewer Fully Loaded Edition for iPod

You’ll Thank Me later

Like watching a 13inch tv from 6 feet, Sux don’t buy

why does woot put stuff on here that is a worst woot candidate?

You know… the last time they had this on woot, everyone said it had HORRIBLE reviews…

You could look like you are in star trek.

This work with my classic 1985 neon green walkman?

Not compatible with any newer ipod touches / iphones… pass

Damn it woot. I don’t have an iPod! Stop selling iPod specific crap.

yay! my second chance for these aweseom glasses!!!

I’ll wear them when I drive home!

Geordi…? Geordi LaForge? Is that you? Remember me from High School…?

Dear Woot,

How about during the time it’s going to take for this “item” to sell out…fix the side deal information…the 550 is $69 not $64

What’s this?
By shortarabguy

meh, if they sold the universal version i might try it, but from reviews i wouldn’t be expecting to much.

Ya know, for like 10 bucks I’d buy these… for 80 I scoff at thee!

ya know, these would be a lot better with one addition…a sledgehammer

Does this meet the California standard as a handsfree device while driving?

If I had an ipod, I would actually buy this. Looks like an interesing gadget. :stuck_out_tongue:

Notice the “worst candidate” badge behind the left light? I’m glad w00t can still laugh at themselves…for a while there I thought they were starting to take themselves seriously…

Good news guys! I just found my long lost iPod Mini yesterday! Now I can actually participate in all this iPod-specific Wooting… What? I can’t? Not compatible? Bah, never mind then, I’ll stick with my Archos and just give the Mini to my sister.