NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System

Great marketing, mediocre scanner, abysmal software.

Any thoughts on using this for 4x6 photographs? I like the ADF feature, but I don’t want to mess up my pictures.

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$269 seems a little steep…

Will Woot let me try this in my home free for the first 30 days?

Lots of good reviews on Buzzillions.

I have the Neat Receipts that woot offered. I use it nearly every day and it has made life much easier. But it was also cheaper and I just needed a receipt organizer.

I own this and I own the portable NeatReceipts system. I have these out of necessity. The software is terrible and you’ll waste more time than you’ll save. Only get this if you REALLY, really need to scan the images of your documents / receipts. Also, the feeder moves the page 50% of the time no matter how carefully you prep your stuff so your document / receipt will scan crooked.

Resolution for pictures = terrible.

It is extremely useful for scanning a bunch of documents that you need to take the text from. In my case, legal documents that my dad needs typed up so he can type a response.

We sell these at Staples for $299 new, they’re tough to sell but seem to do quite well with the scanning and organizing of receipts.

Anyone have experience with the NeatWorks database? Intuitive and user-friendly are the key words I’m looking for…

Works with Mac*

*(eating Mac & cheese as you tediously convert all these things,
only slows the NeatDesk down 83%. Of no use on Apple computers)

Pretty sure they won’t give you a quality post for this, but I give you a +1 Oz Cookie for a great review!

PCmag review

Video - Scanning With The NeatDesk Scanner

I have the portable version. The scanner itself works well (for the most part) with receipts and business cards. My big complaint with it is that it does a really bad job of organizing my receipts by tax classification.

Example: I go out to eat. I spend 75 dollars. It scans the receipt, knows to classify it as “meals”, but puts it in a “non-deductible” category. But my meals ARE tax deductible. Which means that every time I scan a meal receipt, I’ve got to manually change the bucket the receipt gets dropped into.

Seeing as how I only scan my receipts once every couple of weeks, and I have to manually change buckets every time (via a scroll menu, which takes a bit of time), I end up spending a TON of time just moving the receipts to the correct bucket, because the software just can’t learn that the tax deductible bucket is where the receipt should go.

It doesn’t bother me that the scanner can’t scan the page properly without moving it and causing blur or weird angle scans; the software is actually pretty good at filtering it and cleaning it up, though I would never trust it with a photograph.

$270.00 for what’s basically a refurbished scanner??? Uh…no. For $270.00 it better scan, cook my dinner and clean my dishes (and maybe wash my truck).

Sounds like Google, collecting information, waiting to attack one day.

What’s up with the Neatworks software roadmap? It’s been stuck on version 4 for a while.

Ive been eyeing the portable Neat-receipts system for a while waiting for it to be cheaper but this thing seems a little ridiculous. I’m having a hard seeing why this is any better than a conventional feed scanner.

I own the Neatworks Portable Scanner. I’ve not had any technical issues with the software, but I do find myself wanting more from it.

I bought this mainly to scan receipts of parts I buy for my customers and keep them on file for warranty issues. I was hoping it would OCR the receipt and let me search for parts in the future. It does not OCR the entire receipt. It tries to find the total price, and tax, along with the store name and make that search-able in its database, but that’s about it. You have to manually add memos, or other fields like user, if you want to be able to search for the receipt by anything else. In my case, I manually add the customer name ‘user’, and then I can search for the customer and bring up all the receipts I’ve tagged for them, but I still have to manually look through the scanned images to find the correct receipt for the part…

It is a useful system, but I want more out of it.