Nest IQ Smart Cameras - Your Choice

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Nest IQ Smart Cameras - Your Choice
Price: $199.99 - 339.99
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This is the indoor camera. Not a good idea to watch your porch or backyard as the description states unless you’re keeping this behind a window.

You are correct. This is an indoor camera. You can point it out a window though. :slight_smile:

I actually have one behind a window (foscam). It works better than expected, especially since it has one of them mesh screens on it.

What happened to the countdown bar? How many are left? How long until the next item? Woot, what have you done?

Hmmm for the wootoff and not the nest? The nest isn’t a wootoff item, you need to go to sellout for that.

However, it looks like the progress bar isn’t working on the category page but is on the offer page. Sucky. I’ve nudged the dev team.

This is not part of the woot off. This is just a daily sale item. Not everything is for the woot off.

Any IFTTTers here with a Nest cam?

I just installed a Nest Outdoor (not IQ), but cannot get the IFTTT-Nest Cam motion trigger to fire when the camera does detect something. I’m on the 30day free trial of Aware if that is important, I’ve de/reactivated the Nest authorization just in case.

Is there a monthly fee associated with this camera?

Be mindful that if you put a camera that has IR behind a window, you’ll get some major glare once the sun goes down. This isn’t specific to this camera; any camera with IR will have this issue. If you can shut the IR off and have decent lighting outside, you’ll have “sorta” night vision.

As long as your Aware trial is still active, log in to Nest using a full web browser (not the app or mobile browser). Open your video feed. In the lower right corner, click the button labeled Zones, and create a new Zone. Make the zone however you like it, then save it. Now you can go into your Nest app and set up notifications for that zone, which tend to work better than the default notifications.

Thanks. The problem is with IFTTT though. I do get motion notifications from Nest itself a-OK, it’s just that the IFTTT trigger doesn’t fire.

I will try setting up a zone though and see if that helps IFTTT.

There doesn’t have to be, but a subscription to Nest Aware unlocks some advanced features. Without a subscription you can still get notifications of motions and/or sound, and the camera will save snapshots of any detected events, and video clips of events that happened in the last 3 hours.

With the cheapest subscription ($5/mo or $50/yr) you get 5 days of full 24/7 video recording, plus the camera will do facial recognition. It also allows you to create zones within your video feed, so you can create separate alerts for events happening in that specific area.

We have 3 indoor Nest Cams (the older versions) along with 2 NEST outdoor cams and now a NEST hello door bell. All work flawlessly 24/7 for over a year now. I am buying a NEST Cam IQ for my garage.

Ya, nothing still. Nest caught the motion and alerted, IFTTT still mute. :frowning:

Two pack seems like an amazing deal. I have never seen it this low before.

Does anyone know if these have the newly included wall mount or if we will need to contact Nest to ship them separately?

Agreed. I’ve been looking at regular outdoor Nest Cams recently, and a 2-pack of those costs the same as these, but without all of the extra IQ features. Really wish Woot was also offering the Outdoor IQ cams at this price.

Pfft… anyone paying more than $80 for a stationary camera is a sucker. At best, because of name branding, you could sell the 2-pack at $199 but $340…plus a monthly fee. get bent google.

Blink cams are much more versatile and practical.