NetReset Smart Power Cycler

NetReset Smart Power Cycler

Anyone know if this causes you to have to renter your password and account information each day?

This item is completely useless. Your Internet speed doesn’t increase by rebooting your router. It doesn’t reduce lag, nor does it improve lag time. Physics doesn’t change with rebooting.
Also, ISPs can handle updates just fine, and they reboot their devices remotely if necessary.
Don’t buy, give your money to charity instead.

I don’t know about “completely useless”. Most routers are just embedded computers running Linux. The cheap ones are, well, cheap computers running Linux. The cheap ones can lock up on you if the traffic gets heavy, or even for no particular reason.

As for the wisdom of buying one of these rather than using that money towards a nicer router…

Oh, and also it fixes the common problem of a power outage. Some routers won’t boot correctly if there isn’t already an internet connection from the modem. This device starts the router 1 minute after the modem in the event of power loss.