Neurona OpticHD 1080P 12MP Video Recording Eyewear

Neurona OpticHD 1080P 12MP Video Recording Eyewear

Is this really a $10 full hd video recorder? What’s the catch? I feel like I’m missing something here. It even comes with an SD card which by itself would be like $5, so a $5 camcorder, that’s crazy to me.

I think most people have better cameras on their phone and don’t want to wear sunglasses to record stuff. Also the wifi enabled feature seemed to be an option for this brand, but not on the ones woot is selling. Not bad price if you have a use for it.

What class and capacity micro SD card does it come with?

I suspect these technically still have the Wifi, but the app stopped functioning ages ago so they won’t list it as a feature.



It comes with an 8GB Micro SD card in the glasses.

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Sometimes I like to record while I’m cycling or skating. But there’s nothing in the description on the lenses - whether they UV protection or not. Or if they will fit over sunglasses, which looks like they don’t.

They say they have WiFi but the app is no longer for IOS. I will be returning mine for a refund.

We specifically call out that it is not Wi-Fi for this reason.

However, Woot! Customer Service will be happy to help you.

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I got mine today - followed the instructions in the manual to reset the wifi password, and found this app in an old thread that works with them - ‎Actioncam100 on the App Store


got mine today, and they are bulky and awkward and ridiculous looking. deceptive advertising when you can’t see it on a person.

Not sure about deceptive but if you’re unhappy, reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

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Just got mine today. Does anyone know what the point of the case is? It is vaguely sunglasses shaped, but won’t close around these behemoths.

For anyone who purchased these and thought… “Hey, maybe I can do without the app functioning, but it would be nice if it did…”

I have been working my way through the the onboard API and I’ve mapped out most of the functions and URL endpoints. Still not sure where the time_sync endpoint is at, but if you’re interested in getting a copy of the endpoints let me know. I would like to see if it would be possible to build a new working app.



I just received the glasses, they work great. My only question is how to turn OFF the date stamp? I don’t need that in the videos.

Only thing I’m finding is how to change the time - plug them via USB into your computer. In the folders, is a txt file with the date/time. I wonder if you can remove that file?

A huge thanks to the several people that didn’t read the multiple mentions about not-expecting-wifi-to-work, and proceeded to complain and return/refund.

Woot went ahead and cancelled the rest of the pending orders just to avoid any more whining from people that don’t read highlighted parts of descriptions.

There were plenty of people that did understand what they were ordering, and still wanted the item…

I was able to remove the time stamp using the ActionCam app that was linked above. Wifi also works perfectly, I’m not sure why people are complaining. Video comes out very clear with smooth motion, it’s really 1080p as advertised.

Is there any way to order 2-3 more at this price? All my friends now want one.

Hi there. We didn’t cancel orders for that reason. The vendor didn’t have as many as thought so we had to cancel a few orders. I’m sorry.

Oh weird…I and someone else were told something different by Customer Service when asking about cancellations, so that’s why that was what I understood.