New Hard Drive Help


So I got a new 200gb hard drive and put it in my xbox. The xbox only recognizes about 130 gb of the hard drive. How do I get it to use the full 200gb? Can anyone help me out here??


Hmmm, sounds simple enough…


FOR EVOLUTIONX v1.8.2594 or higher

  1. What you need :
  • EvolutionX 1.8.2594 or v1.8.2812 dashboard or higher.
  • A modchip/bios with the HDD-swap hack. (All recent EvoX and X-ecuter BIOS’s support this feature, but if you have an old mod chip (Xtender, Enigmah-X you won’t be able to upgrade your HDD)
  • A new HDD (normal PC IDE drive upto 120gb). NO need to zero(hdprepare) the drive anymore. Just use a new blank drive.
  • A CD-RW/DVD-RW (or anything that reads fine in your xbox).
  • EvoX dashboard installed on your current HD. (see tutorial)
  • Know how EvoX Dashboard works (ftp , transfering files , configuring ini file , …).
  1. Backup your settings

Boot your Xbox.
Under “Systems Utils” , select “Backup”. (this is the location of the backup utility if u didn’t change the menu structure in the original evox.ini file).
This should have made a backup of some important settings of your xbox.
If everything worked fine it made a directory /backup in the C drive of your Xbox HD.

  1. Backup your drives

Connect with FTP to your Xbox and copy the whole “C” and “E” drive to your PC HD. (“C” is pretty small , the size of “E” depends on what u uploaded there already).
Make 100% sure you have a FULL backup of the Xbox C & E drive on your PC.
Also check that in C you have a directory /backup with 5 files in it. If you don’t have this it means something went wrong in step 2.

  1. Make a EvoX Install HD disk

These are the files you need on your Evox Install HD CD :

  • The EvoX XBE file , should in the disk root and called “default.xbe”
  • The “evox.ini” should be changed , open it in notepad.
    Make sure the network settings are set correctly for your home network.
    Under “[Misc]”
    put “UseFDrive” to “Yes”
    Delete everything what’s under “[Menu]” it and replace by this :

Section “Install Menu”
Item “Install New drive”,@210
Item “Settings”,@9
Item “Reboot”,@5


Info “Install HDD - Xbox-Scene”
Warning “This will format all drives”
Warning “Make sure you have a backup of C & E”
Progress “Formatting drives”

ConfigSector “\backup\disk.bin”
Format c:
Format e:
Format f:
Format x:
Format y:
Format z:



Here is an example of an evox.ini file. You might need to change the network settings for your configuration. (use the same network settings as on your EvoX dashboard installed on your original Xbox HD).

Note : some people might wonder why I don’t use the copy feature of evox to restore the C & E drive automaticly. It will work , but there’s a small bug in this version of evox 'cause all files copied with the copy function will be ‘read only’ … that means you can’t delete/rename/overwirte the files.
So atm , we can’t use this method.

  • You should also add the complete /backup directory from the C drive on your Xbox.

  • So , the complete CD should contain :

default.xbe (the evox dash)
evox.ini (the evox ini file)
/backup/bios.bin (from /c/backup on Xbox HD)
/backup/disk.bin (from /c/backup on Xbox HD)
/backup/eeprom.bin (from /c/backup on Xbox HD)
/backup/hddinfo.txt (from /c/backup on Xbox HD)
/backup/hddkey.bin (from /c/backup on Xbox HD)

First make a xiso of the disk content (tutorial) , then burn it with PrimoDVD (tutorial) or Nero on media compatible with your xbox (cd-rw/dvd-rw/dvd-r).

  1. Replace HD

Open your xbox (tutorial) and replace the HD. Make sure your new HD is set to “master” and don’t forget to plug-in both the electricity-cable & IDE-cable.

I strongly suggest to keep your old harddrive untouched… you might need it later if something goes wrong.

  1. Try booting the CD & FTP

Boot your Xbox (it will give a red light after some secs) and put the Evox Install HD disk in the drive.
Power off your xbox and restart it (with disk in the drive).
Evox should boot.
Now make sure that your network settings (in the evox.ini file) are correct … try to FTP to your xbox. (if it doesn’t work, correct evox.ini and reburn a new evox Install HD disk)
If EvoX doesn’t even boot , it means :

  • you used media your xbox can’t read.
  • your evox dashboard isn’t called default.xbe
  • you made an error in the evox.ini
  • you didn’t make a “xiso” before burning.
  • you didn’t burn the “xiso” correctly
  • your modchip doesn’t have the HDD-swap feature
  • the disk has no /backup directory with 5files
  1. Format the drives

If everything above is OK , just select “Install New drive” and then confirm (“Yes”).
The software will now format the drives.
When finished , it will return the EvoX dashboard.

  1. Transfer C & E

Now connect with FTP to your xbox. You should see all drivenames.
Transfer the whole C & E backup u made on your PC to the C & E on your new Xbox HD.
Remove the disk from your Xbox , and reboot.
The Xbox should now reboot from your new xbox HD.
If not , you probably did something wrong while restoring the drives.
Just boot the Evox Install HD disk and you can FTP to your xbox again and check what might have gone wrong.
If needed you can always reinstall your old xbox HD.

  1. Change evox.ini on C
    Under “[Misc]”
    put “UseFDrive” to “Yes”
    else you can’t use the F drive correctly.

Your new xbox HD is installed :slight_smile:


*All that & a bag of cheetos…


sounds liek the tiem i installed sata raid

only somehwere in those directions insert a week and a half of fustration befor figuring out form the HD manufacture that they’re (hd’s) are not compattable with adaptecs RAID controller…

pretty… F@%^#$ Cool…


Another thing to note is that there is a discrepancy between the definition of a Gigabye between what the computer recognizes (which is a base-2 system…hence why a gigabyte is 1024 megabytes and not 1000), and what the manufacturers call a gigabyte (they go by our standard base-10, of 1000MB per GB). I have a 200GB hard drive I put in an enclosure and it really ends up being only about 181GB. That doesn’t explain all of your missing space, but at least it explains some.


thats why i bought the 320 gigs… casue i knew 1: partition over head 2 : the auctual size…

which auctually came out to be liek 295 Gb