(NEW) Klipsch Synergy Black Label F-200 Floorstanding Speaker

(NEW) Klipsch Synergy Black Label F-200 Floorstanding Speaker

Hi all, I wanted to add a note here as a heads up about a potential issue if you order two of these speakers. The Klipsch F-300 speakers were previously offered and I ordered two of those. One came with significant damage to the packaging (delivered by Amazon I believe) and the speaker itself had significant cosmetic damage. Woot sold out of that speaker, so customer service could only offer me a return for the damaged speaker. So I would be stuck with one new front speaker which is basically worthless. I pretty much got screwed. It isn’t something I had considered being an issue, but now I know it is and wanted to make others aware of this risk.

Well, I ordered 3 of these F-200 speakers, but only one-of-the-three speakers was in great “factory fresh” new condition without blemishes. One speaker had 2 small manufacturing cosmetic defects to the chassis, but you can’t see the defects if more than 2ft away, so I can live with that. And one speaker’s chassis suffered damaged from either a punction and/or drop during warehouse transport or Amazon’s “fulfillment” that left a gash in the veneer. Just the week before I had ordered a speaker directly from Klipsch and another Klipsch speaker via an Amazon vendor and both arrived “Double Boxed.” A second layer of double-wall cardboard might have surely saved that one speaker from damage, just so happens the puncture was where there wasn’t any styrofoam protection inside the packaging.

Wouldn’t they let you return both?

Yes, he could have. He’s been taken care of by our CS team and is happy now.


That’s good to hear