New layout of the website

I was a huge fan of your website and products. I check it every day for a deal. I hate the new layout of the website. I don’t knew if I will continue to be a regular.

Yeah yeah whatever. Here’s the tshirt.

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Wait, was there a new redesign?

Woot has a website?


I finally had to up my fiber intake to stay regular.


Uh, what new layout? Are you talking about our mobile website? We’ve updated it to align with our app. If you don’t like it, there may an option on your device to view in “Desktop Mode”


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What products do you like the most? Which ones are you a huge fan of?

Here you go!

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I still miss all those exclamation points that have been ruthlessly ripped from Woot!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!
Any new updated layout obviously needs many many more !!!'s.
Thank you




The layout on mobile is horrendous. I used to impulsively buy things from here quite a bit.

Curious if they’ll go back to the old design due to conversion tanking … or if it’s actually doing alright.

Hit here. Thank you for the feedback. Can you be more specific about what bothers you? You can also submit feedback via the feedback link in “More”.

You can switch back to desktop mode from both iOS and Android if you prefer that look.

(Conversion is actually up with the new design, so what is it you don’t like? Maybe we can accommodate?)


I sense the need for some new t-shirts.
Now is your time to shine!