(NEW) Nintendo Switch: Animal Crossing Edition

(NEW) Nintendo Switch: Animal Crossing Edition

So let me get this straight: only one of these was sold at 12 AM to a first-time wooter in CA, and that was it? Sold out?



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I’ve had my ANCH version since march or april of 2021 and I absolutely love it. Bright colors, and happy little raccoons that extort you for labor.

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It’s possible the vendor called us in a panic this morning saying they didn’t have the inventory after all. Maybe. Just guessing. It’s plausible though.

It’s been over a year since I last accessed my island (or used my Switch Lite).

I think that my islanders have overthrown my rule.

I expect to see tumbleweeds and skeletal remains if I load up my old island.

They used to (in older versions of the game) have a mole character named Mr. Resetti whose sole purpose was to remind you to save your game. He would literally lecture you if you didn’t.

I also seem to recall they used to email players on nintendo DS and later versions to “come back your villagers miss you”

the guilt… was palpable.

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He could have saved many Tamagotchis.

I miss those little things. Might get one on ebay if the price is right lol