(NEW) Razer Anzu Smart Glasses (Lens Bundle)

(NEW) Razer Anzu Smart Glasses (Lens Bundle)

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Wife got these in BOC and she loves them! Simple and easy to use and audio quality ain’t that bad!

Does anyone have any experience getting prescription lenses in these things?

I guess razor made arrangements with some company but I doubt it’s covered by most health insurance, at least in the United States.


I bought this a month ago and I’m amazed, connects in one second and sound quality are way better than expected. They actually sound really good.
My cousin tried them to listen to opera … I’m buying a second paid for myself lol…

I use them mostly for conferences calls and phone, keep both hands free and no wires. Mic and speaker works perfect!

Would have been a really nice buy, but I wish the deal covered the Rectangle Frames as well, since round glasses look rather silly on some people’s face frame.


You don’t like the Harry Potter look?


Yeah I need a pair of glasses anyways as I wear contacts but I sometimes fall asleep in them which I’m avoid but just wearing glasses more often.

I certainly don’t need glasses with smart audio features and assistant functionality but I’m a tech nerd and at 40 bucks it’s probably worth it. When bose and soundcore and razor are charging 200 it seems like a solution in search of a problem. But 40 bucks or whatever seems pretty reasonable. What’s cheaper than a lot of just plain old boring sunglasses

JLab sells something called the JLab frames which are these little things that hook onto your glasses that play audio. I haven’t tried them but sometimes they’re on sale for 25 or 30 bucks and list 50.

I have the Bose Frames, which I love. Although they just died for me for the second time. I shipped mine off to lensable.com to get prescription lenses made for them.

10 dollar discount from amazon, not bad. i doubt these ever sold for 200 hahah.