Long time wooter, first time poster,

Thinking of starting a woot-a-like site that would sell the 4-6 voted t-shirts every week. If you think this is a good idea and would be interested in viewing or purchasing, please let me know. I would also do other requested t shirts.


How do you propose to do this?

I dont understand the confusion?

Do you mean shirts that were submitted to and voted on at woot’s derby? Because those would be protected for at least 60 days under the t-shirt submission agreement.

Or do you mean that people would submit shirts to your site and vote on them there?

I would most likely wait 60 days then and start out doing that. If we got big, or bigger, then we could have out own derbies. How does that sound?

Well, how are you planning on printing and shipping so many shirts? And how would you attract customers? Remember, the reason they got 4-6 is that those designs weren’t as popular with the public. After sixty days? People would probably be even less willing to buy the shirts.

Just some stuff to think about.