Circuit-ulatory System

Grats, WeezTheJuice!!! Nice design. Hope it does well for you*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Cool Design.
But too many people think I’m a robot as it is…

by far one of the best shirts i’ve seen on woot

Many of my friends say I’m a robot, so it’d be perfect for me. Maybe I can convince them to buy it for me. Grats, WeezTheJuice!

In for one, took for ever to get though cause of the random crap

I like this design, but am strapped for cash at the moment; it’s likable, but not irresistible. Certainly wouldn’t mind getting this one in as a random in a month or two.

I do feel bad for the artist, as I wonder how sales will be affected by the pounding the servers are taking from all the wooters desperate to throw away $8 on what is, without a doubt, a bag of absolute cr@p.

Am I the only one having troubles ordering? Grr…

Perfect for me! :slight_smile:

Too bad it’s taking me 20 minutes to check out…

Not a chance…nice try…no way I’m gonna make it that easy for those assassins that keep trying to snipe me.

it is because had random crap

I love this shirt! I thought it was more interesting than the first place winner but that’s just my opinion. Also I am a first time user. It was a real pain ordering and it took forever. I almost gave up!

Bah, no wonder it was taking so long. Todays is a Random Crap. This (awesome) shirt hasn’t shown up in my order history yet, but it didn’t let me order again, saying I had already boughten one. I should be good to go, right?

Awww, I already spent all my money on the boc (hopefully the order goes through).

In for one.

loving the shirt
got one for myself and my boyfriend
His going to love it

can’t believe i miss another boc… >P

Just give it some time… don’t try to order it twice. it can take upwards of an hour to process.

Wow, my shirt got printed on the same night I got my first bag of crap x3, best day of woot ever. Thanks for the compliments guys, and thanks to all who voted!

Love the design, just started doing this sort of thing at my summer job. Though I do have to ask, why are two of the lines overlapping? (On the right, just below the middle. There are two vias at a right angle to each other.) Artistic license? =P