Nikko Nissan Skyline GTR R34 1/10 Scale 9.6 volt Radio Controlled Car



I guess it has been few weeks since Christmas. All those other RC cars I wooted are toast.


“The Daring and Delicious” damn you woot, now i’m hungry


Recharge or no recharge ? Who cares! Car looks nice. Barbie will hop on the hood.


I’d be all over this if I didn’t already have the Lamborghini that I also got from Woot. Even though this one is bigger and probably better. The working headlights seem pretty cool.


I bought one last time, they go pretty fast. Fast enough to get gashes if you slam into something head on so be careful. batteries are rechargeable but it takes a long time. I’ve used the dirfting wheels most of the time; it’s not exactly what you would call controllable but on a smooth surface like in a large room it’s a ton of fun.


What weird timing - I bought one of these off Woot a few months back, and was playing with it tonight (hid it under the couch and put the remote in my hoodie pocket to have it dart out and scare my girlfriend). I just went on YouTube to see if anyone had cool videos of the car and the very next site I checked was sellout.woot!

If I had the cash to spare, I’d pick up another, because I love the one I have - NiCd holds its charge way longer than I’m used to with NiMH cells, it’s really fast, and easy to control after you get used to how loose the steering is.

My only issue with this deal: this is the same price I paid earlier, and back then I got a choice of car types/colors. With Woot, I expect the price to go down if they don’t sell out of something on the first run. Same price a few months later and with less choice - VERY UN-woot.


Nikko Nissan Skyline GTR R34 1/10 Scale 9.6 volt Radio Controlled Car
$24.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New


it seems like there is no one on woot tonight… anyways in for one cause i love skylines!



In the box:
* NiCd Battery Pack
* Charger Station


hmm… i really shouldnt… but its a skyline :slight_smile:


I WANT IT… only cuz it is a skyline,… i wish i had a credit card


this car looks big.

in other news its funny how board mods operate. i got put on probation right before woot-off, even though i haven’t posted in 2 days and my last post was about the fact that i have purchased a product. plus i don’t even like commenting during wootoff since its annoying. weird though. mods are


Bought 1 Was wanting to buy a Nitro RC but knew i would break it or be bored with it in a day. Not quite as sweet as a nitro but a whole lot cheaper this route. (Gonna be bored in a day with it anyways)
Good way to save money…


This car is big. It’s 1/10 scale. MEaning, it’s about 2 foot long. I had bought 2 of them previously, and the kids loved them. Co-workers liked them too when I brought them to work for “testing”. On pavement, the slicks worked well, but in the shop on buffed floors the standard tires worked best. This is not a toy for playing with inside, unless you have a huge amount of open space.


Picked up two to play with the 14 year old. Should be fun for pretty cheap (although I’m still upset about missing the BoC).


Hey! This is my first time posting!

Does anybody know what the distance limitation is for the antena signal? i.e. how far before the antena fails to communicate with the car? I am thinking about getting one to play in my neighborhood park.

Switching gears, is there a spell checker in this bloog? :slight_smile:


it s because there was a woot off on


“Tri-band at 2 different radio frequency’s”

Frequency’s? I guess woot lost all their educated copywriters and hired 12-year-old children to proof the text. Nice.

u guys r gr8!!! nice speling!! 1337 ru135!!


i have this from woot, it rocks, im buying another!