Ninja CF080 Coffee Bar- Scratch & Dent

Ninja CF080 Coffee Bar- Scratch & Dent

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Is the model number or the listing photo incorrect? The CF080 has a conical shaped filler above the carafe, not a square one.

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Not sure if the wrong picture or wrong model number is being used, but the picture shows the CF091 coffee machine, while the model number says CF080 - which looks quite different from the photo and doesn’t have a built in frother.

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good thing i check these comments, almost bought one thinking it was the cf090

Thank you for calling this to our attention ! I was also ready to buy one until I read the comments and went back to see the picture doesn’t match the model number. I’ll be very careful to double check from now on !

I was going to get one but not if different model

No permanent filter basket? Means you’ll have to use a paper filter each time. Less convenient, more expensive and worse for the environment.

Definitely makes this a no go. That and we still have no idea what product is actually for sale.

I mean, it could be the cf 090, as it states it includes a frother and the cf 080 doesn’t have one and the cf 090 does.

Who wants to roll the dice, take one for the team and find out what the heck this thing really is?

The CF080 does have a frother but it is not attached. That’s probably the “(1) Easy Frother” they mention in the specs.


Woot doesn’t state “no permanent filter basket” just “Brew basket slides out quick for easy filling and removes completely for easy cleaning”. Whether that means a permanent one is included or not is anyone’s guess. Most likely some may include it and others not - a crap shoot. [EDIT: See falcn12’s reply]

Nevertheless, manufacturer site reviews aren’t too good for the CF080.

Neither were the reconditioned CF091 reviews sold by woot a while back… :frowning_face: Ninja Coffee Bar® Glass Carafe System

Is state right in the listing
Note: Does not include permanent filter or scoop

The easy frither is a hand operated frother that looks like a French press.

Looks like that a nut though, Lauren, and not a bolt.

You’re right! Didn’t see that on the “Specs” tab. :grimacing:

I see they updated the picture AFTER it sold out. Nice. :w_eyeroll1: Don’t know how many were purchased but I’m sure there will be some unsuspecting and surprised buyers come delivery day.

Hi there. We’re contacting everyone that purchased and giving them the option to cancel their order.

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That’s the right thing to do. :+1: Props!

I can say that this just arrived and is cosmetically perfect. 10/10 looks new.

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