Ninja Foodi Smart Indoor Grills- Your Choice

Ninja Foodi Smart Indoor Grills- Your Choice

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The pictures don’t change when you change model choice and the way the descriptions are written it’s impossible to figure out what you get for the extra $50. What are the differences in the more expensive model please. Thanks.


If you scroll through the pictures the model number is listed in the corners, and the features are also separated by model number.

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Bought in a prior woot so my mother in law could try it. I thought a return would be ok since she would never use it anyway.
While waiting for it to arrive she got a smaller model.(which she used once). This left me with a foodie grill 551 i didn’t want.

I use it every week to grill beef and chicken and with the probe and program modes it really does a good job. It’s very large so you need to plan how to store it. It is NOT smokeless so it needs to be used near your range hood.
For a product i didn’t want, it’s pretty good too have


I bought one about a year ago and I concur with @schorert they are pretty handy. Tbh I am not a griller, so this does the job for me. It is big and on the heavier side, but I think its because of all the different inserts and quality build.

I would definitely buy another one should the need ever arise