Ninja Kitchen Appliances

This Ninja Cooker is a good deal, and I bought mine new from Bed, Bath & Beyond for over a hundred and thirty dollars in July. I use it primarily for roast chicken, roast beef and stew. It has a slow cooker part of it, but I don’t like slow cooking food. The removable liner and lid are a breeze to clean! I’ve never had a problem with mine, so I can’t attest to factory refurbished longevity. But, when mine dies, I’ll buy another one, whatever the price. I use it once or twice a week.

I’ve been waiting for the Ninja mega kitchen system to go back on sale to buy as a gift. I was away from home the other day when it was on sale. And now here it is, and it’s already sold out! :frowning: On the bright side, now I don’t have to comb the site looking for it everyday for at least a month! Thanks, woot!

I purchased a Ninja Mega Kitchen System from woot during a previous sale, and it’s great. I make berry smoothies all the time, and the food processor pitcher pulverizes anything I put in it. It’s amazing how quick it blends ice into snow.

One word of warning, though. The refurbished model I received (like those sold here) was in good condition, except the main pitcher has scratches on the inside of it. I’m leery that plastic could potentially flake off into my food.

Eewwww, so the pitcher is used? I thought only the base was refurbished, the pitcher should be new, you never know what the previous owner used to put in there…

I bought Ninja Prep Pro about a month ago as refurb from Woot and it appeared to be 100% new - packaging and all. Works like a dream & was incredible bargain. I am using refurb Dyson Animal that I got from Woot 3 years ago and have not had first issue with it.

I bought one of these months ago. It does a great job on just about everything the little woman can throw in there, especially meats. If you like your meats so tender that the meat melts in your mouth, then you will want one of these. It works just as well on everything else too. It impressed our daughter so much, that I had to buy her one for Christmas. When we received ours, it was missing the mini muffin pan. I called Ninja and they would not do anything about it because it was refurbished. They will sell you the pan for $14.00. I found one a metal one at the 99 cent store. The price is a little high for being refurbished. You can buy one brand new for $99.00 at Walmart. So I don’t know if you think saving $10.00 is worth going without a warranty or not. But either way you buy it, it is worth it.

Just a sec… By refurbished you mean refurbished as used a bit or factory reconditioned? Since there is a difference, can you clarify this?

Refurbished or factory reconditioned? Again there is a difference because factory recodnitioned gets a period of warranty. The one you bought was from WOOT?

Sorry, the one I purchased was factory reconditioned. From this sale:

Everything else in the system looked brand new, and it works great. It was just a little disheartening to get the scratches. I figure I’m one of the unlucky ones to get a part that got missed by their QA.

It’s 99.00 Bucks on Bed, Bath and Beyond right now. With a 20% off coupon that you can get just about anywhere, you can get it for $79 at your local store… Discounted Gift-card and its about 72 bucks… You have to get it in store though. There are a few different models, but the base system is all the same… Only really a couple of accessories are different. I have one that I bought 2 years ago at Bed, Bath, Beyond and it’s the bomb for 2 people. It’s not quite as big as I would have hoped inside. It’s not super deep. But for most things that size is more than perfect for 2-4 people…

Does anyone know the difference between the two Ninja Master Prep units (one is model number Ninja QB1005-FS and the other is Ninja QB1005). It would help if the two write-ups would have been similar. They seem to be describing the same units with the same accessories, but I can’t tell 100%. Based on what I can find online, it appears the Ninja QB1005-FS is sold everywhere and the Ninja QB1005 is sold at Sam’s, but I might be missing something and that might not be the only difference.

Looks like we probably have it listed twice; I’ll let the team know.

That said, I have this set, and it kicks ASS.

I’m confused. How is this 3-in-1 cooker different from a pressure cooker? And if it uses steam, how can you get the crisp skin of roast chicken?