Nintendo Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set

Nintendo Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set

does anybody know if the games are pre-loaded, or are the discs bundled with the system?

Per the features:

Nintendo Land game

just got mine today, gotta say 1st impression is i’m a little bit disappointed . this is the box it shipped in, no damage to it, right?

but then this is the inner box that the wii u was in:

I open that up and its just the hardware wrapped in some paper bag padding and the wiring in a big ziplock bag.

I hooked it all up but I need to wait for the controller/tab thing to charge cause the battery was completely dead. it does boot up and the controller boots up while sitting on the charging dock, but thats as far as i’ve gotten so far.

as for the condition, i understand that it was supposed to be ‘refurbished’ and minor wear is expected but it looks like its just used and somebody just bought it and resold it as it. the whole console is scuffed up which i can understand to an extent, but it looked like there was milk or something spilled on it that was just left there to dry up, nobody even bothered to clean it before packaging it up to ship out which leads me to believe that at the most it was plugged in to make sure it powered on and then sent out. i don’t even know how they could have verified everything worked as i stated earlier the controller battery was completely dead so that was never checked.

to me refurbished means that it was tested and worked on if needed to restore it to original factory working order, i don’t see how any work was done to this at all. if its used just mark it used, don’t say it’s refurbished when it isn’t.

also, for the question i asked earlier, there were no nintendo land or super mario 3d world discs to be found, so lets hope that they are preinstalled when i get it booted up and running. i wonder if it was even reset or if the previous owners data is still on it.

on the plus side, I also bought a game and while it was disc only, the disc is in perfect condition, not a scratch or smudge on it.


ok, I got everything setup and configured. looks like the data was wiped and the 2 game titles are pre-installed so thats cool, but…

the disc drive seems a bit wonky, I keep getting disc read errors and once it pops up you can’t do anything else until the system is able to read that disc. it HAS to be that disc. you can’t just pop the disc out or try another disc, and the home button won’t respond. I guess i could just power the system down at the point and restart it, but its happening way too often. i haven’t even played a game yet and it’s been like every 5 mins the disc read message will pop up. I am going to do some googling now about this but in the meantime, anybody have any suggestions? here is the error that i keep getting:

i’ve tried 3 wii u discs and a wii disc, i happens with all of them. I think i might need to send this back.

Hi there. Sorry for the problem. If you don’t figure it out, reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

well, from what I can find on the Nintendo site about it, if it’s happening w/ more than 1 disc then either the laser is dirty, or the drive is shot (DUH!) so now I need to track down a laser cleaning kit, if anybody even still makes them. if that doesn’t work I’m gonna contact Customer Service.

were these sold by a 3rd party? It would have been nice for them to do some basic testing on them before shipping them out. I mean, come on, the box they had it in was crushed on 1 side, so what did they do? They boxed it up and shipped it out as-is. that’s just not good business.

scratch that, can’t clean the laser. laser cleaning kits apparently won’t work on wii/wii u systems and i was mistaken about the nintendo site suggesting to clean the laser.

OK, so I emailed customer service and they offered me a $30 refund if I wanted to get the system repaired locally…only problem is, the drive itself is like $30, labor and service costs just about double that if I were to take it anywhere. their other option is a refund if I return it since there are none left in stock to do a replacement, but the site shows that it’s still in stock. has a big yellow add to cart button right on the product page.


Hi there. Let me check in with CS.

Hey, sorry for not chrcking in sooner. it’s been resolved. Thanks though

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I think Woot needs to implement a ‘Sold By’ listing like amazon does. This could help us identify 3rd party sellers more transparently and allow us to make a more informed decision when placing orders.

It could also help in identifying bad sellers, since it’s your name on the line. in my particular case, the unit I got arrived in a damaged box clearly not sustained during shipping, had some sort of dried up liquid all over the exterior, and had a bad drive. the way the product page is listed, this item was sold directly by Woot and that means that you lied on the page when you said " Hey, you there! This refurbished console has been cleaned, tested, and shows minimal wear. It may come repackaged in a generic box.". it was not cleaned and obviously not tested, and showed more than minimal wear. the only true statement there is that it came in a generic box. I might feel better as a customer if the page listed a 3rd party seller so if an item showed up in the condition like mine did It wouldn’t lessen my loyalty to you as a company and may help make better buying decisions in the future if I was able to identify the seller beore placing my order.


On our site, Woot is the seller. Like any other retailer, we buy our goods from a variety of sources. We do not have any 3rd party sellers selling directly on our site.

At least you got yours mine went from “out for delivery” to “delayed in transit” going on three days now. Ordered it the 23rd . . . :pensive:

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that sux. I just recently backed something on Kickstarter and it was in transit almost 2 months. Shipped on June 25th from China, entered customs in California on July 8th and that was the last tracking update I ever got for it then out of nowhere it was delivered on Aug 10th.

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Well it got to the state just fine. It was a 20 min drive away when it got “delayed”, still hasn’t shown up and it is now the third. So it is somehow delayed by four days when it is 35 miles away . . . :thinking:

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Kairy, Did your Wii U show up yet?

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Nope, never did. I had to get another one.

TY for asking, that is so nice of you! :heart:

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dang, that’s terrible. I’ve been reading thru other forums for consoles that were part of this sale and you might actually be better off not getting yours. multiple people are reporting broken consoles.

good luck!

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Thanks! Same to you!!!