No Return Label

Customer Service can’t seem to send me the UPS label for my return. I have asked multiple times and given alternate email addresses. Please help!

The return label comes from a UPS email address. Make sure you check spam/junk folders.

I did check my spam and junk folds, there are no emails from UPS. Now what?

I’ll check in with CS.

I’m in the same boat… though I thought that perhaps the issue was my old email. But I am getting all emails from my old email fwded to my new email, and I see emails from Woot coming in no issue, so maybe there is some issue across the board at Woot right now emailing out return labels?

I emailed support with my new email to send the label to earlier today but no response yet…

Here’s information on updating your woot email address if you’ve forgotten your password:

Email, email! Have you updated your email?

Also, make sure to allow 24-48h for a response.

My email isn’t the problem. I have received emails from Woot. I even have emails from Woot letting me know UPS will be sending me a label for this return but I still haven’t received it from UPS. Now what?

Customer Service couldn’t get it resolved despite multiple back and forth emails. Looks like the forum team is better at service resolution. I finally got the label sent to me yesterday afternoon.

Received the label yesterday. Thank you for helping out!

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Your label was also resent this morning.

PS: CS didn’t find an email with a new email address.

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