NOCO Boost XL Jump Starter

NOCO Boost XL Jump Starter

Please see comments from Dec offering.

Overall the review and general opinions are this is a stay away item.
Your mileage my vary, but if I have to have a boost unit ready on that cold dreary day my battery dies, I don’t want something that “might” work.

I bought the GB20 in Dec 18…charged it and forgot about it. Last month a friend had his truck die in a location where it couldn’t be jumped…he took my NOCO Starter and even though it displayed 50% charge, he reported it started his 6-cyl truck easily. Then he didn’t return the jump starter.
I’m actually going to buy the 50 here today to replace.

Some friend!

I have 3 of the gb40s and they have been fantastic. Used on suburban, trailblazer, and LeSabre vehicles with no problems. We’ve started jetskis 4 wheelers and riding mowers too. I started with one to see and now have em for all the cars. I can’t speak to this particular model but this brand is pretty highly regarded for these.

  1. never loan anything you can’t afford to replace
  2. someone who owes you something can never borrow from you again.

also gospel but not applicable here:
3) Never loan money to someone who smokes or plays the lottery
4) Never loan out a snowblower (it will come back broken every time).

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These things need to be set up like house plug-in emergency flashlights… connected to the car so they stay charged until you need it. Every time I’ve ever needed the jump box I have the stupid thing’s been dead, even after replacing a bad battery. Needs a trickle charger built in so you can plug it into a socket and leave it there until the car thorks, then unplug, take up front and jump it.