NOCO Boost XL Jump Starter

NOCO Boost XL Jump Starter

How does it stack up to the competition? Find out…
(Note: not exact model shown in video, but similar)


Start at 13:40 at the video, and see a good product. then comes the NOGO, I mean the NOCO unit.

TL;DR - NOCO is a NOGO, doesn’t work as advertised.

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I was somewhat surprised considering the amount of marketing $$$ they’ve sunk into this jump starter. That said, I don’t always agree with the results from Project Farm and they might have just had a bad unit.

I would love to buy a jump starter but i cannot find one with honest reviews per All that i have looked at have a poor rating per fakespot.

Fakespot is not the truthteller it purports to be. It uses an algorithm to “match” what they’ve classified as suspicious reviews, such as unverified buyers and many reviews within a short time frame. But I’ve seen it give Fs to newly listed products with robust verified reviews, many with pictures, that just happen to review within a month’s period. Reading those reviews you know they’re real, but Fakespot is software and cannot make judgements by what’s written. I would not use Fakespot as gospel truth. Your call, but I use several other sources to determine the validity of a product, not just one.

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I myself just bought a “Super Capacitor” type jump starter instead of a battery-type. You should look into this type, watch a few videos on YouTube about them. The one I got from Amazon is Rezervo brand.

It says it holds a charge for a year. I bet after 11 months , you take it out of your trunk to use it and its dead like your car battery. That’s the problem with depending on batteries for batteries.

Bought one last December, charged and left in my car for a year. My neighbor borrowed this past weekend and it started his 6cyl pickup. Still had 75 percent charge after a year.
Now I’m shopping for another because my neighbor didn’t return…

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Sure, of course. But it is better than nothing. And yes, i always read the reviews and make my own determination. And i use other sources too. That said, is pretty damn good!

thx, will check them out!