NOCO Genius Boost Plus Jump Starters

NOCO Genius Boost Plus Jump Starters

If you want to compare this with other units,
1 amp-hour (or 1,000 mAH) at 12V is 43,200 joules.
Which makes the GB20 (“400 Amp”/4650 joules) about a tenth of an amp hour.
In other words, it expect it to be able to give you 400 amps for almost a second, or 10 seconds at at little under 40 amps.

Now guess how many seconds your car needs to crank when its battery is dead on a cold morning.

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There do seem to be a significant number of reviews from folks who’ve had multiple successes jump starting without issue, but yeah the “400 amp” model seems kind of weak. The 1000 seems like a reasonable compromise between delivering more power and cost.

That having been said, the daily deal on Amazon on November 26th was lower than this price, but if you want to order one TODAY they’re $79, $99, $199 on Amazon now, so this Woot is an OK deal at the moment.

I have one of these and they are great. do yourself a favor and never carry the old cables again…

Consumer reports rated these a couple of years ago and Noco finished in 9th place (out of 10). Only received a “Fair” rating for cold weather start. Antigravity Batteries was their top rated lithium charger.

I have the GB40, and I can’t recommend it enough. My car battery died while I was out with no warning. Two different people tried to jump me, one a large F250 with heavy duty cables connected for 10 minutes, nothing. I figured it was something other than the battery, but I had to try the jump starter. Of course it wasn’t in my car.

I had a friend pick me up and take me home to get this jump starter. Connected to my car per the instructions and it started right up. In total I started my car with it 3-4 times without any recharging in-between before I could get to a battery shop.

I’d highly recommend the GB40 if your in the market for one of these. My only concern how it will last stored in a hot car in summer, which I didnt want to try so I kept it at home. But will definitely start carrying it for road trips and in the winter when batteriss like to die in the cold.

Just wanted to share!

I can only speak from experience. When my car battery died last spring, it was so dead my key fob wouldn’t open the doors. And when I tried to start it, it did NOTHING. The GB40 started right up, no cranking, just immediate starting, 3-4 times on a single charge.

With new pushbutton starts you can’t crank them anyway, you either have enough voltage and current to start or you don’t. If you don’t, it won’t even try, at least that’s what my car does and I’ve replaced the battery twice now in 10 years.

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I have the GP40 as well and recommend it to anyone wanting peace of mind when you have an older battery. Definitely saved me a few times when I was on the last legs on my original car battery. I have a 2.4L 4-cyl and had 3 cranks on it and was still sitting on the 50% charged. It also holds it’s charge for a long time too. I try to charge it up once every 3-4 months.

Does anyone else find it weird that almost ALL of the reviews for these jumper/chargers have really good grammar, punctuation, and spelling? Whenever I see that I get a really strong suspicion about paid reviews… just thinking…

Will this work on my tesla?

Dude starts six cars in a frozen lot w/ the GB40…

naturally, i assume this is some sort of “next gen coffee” ?

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You aren’t the only one… Fakespot gives this a “D” and adjusted the rating to 2 stars:

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I don’t have this brand but I do carry one in two of my cars and got one for each of the kids (x3). Even though I carry one in my jeep, I have a 30 foot booster cable I haul around also. I have a “quick connect” system in the front for the winch so if I need to boost a car or something, or need a boost LOL, I can just PLUG it up and BAM!. Though these are nice, one should still carry cables as a back up if you are like MOST drivers who will toss this in the trunk and forget about it till its needed and find it’s dead.

After looking at the mothership reviews, I kinda like this one. The little compass sold me LOL. But for the cost, seems to be worth it.

I bought the GB40 2017 Black Friday.
Last week my wifes 2017 Rogue had the odd dead battery.
This started it up with little effort.
Keep in mind, they say 1000Amps, that’s marketing hype.
People have tested this to be just under 200Amps.
That being said, I question if it could start my 5.7l Hemi, with it’s bold claims of up to 6l V8 or 3l Diesel.

Or smart people know a good product when they have one… Don’t buy one, I don’t care. Just trying to help other wooters.

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I think when you are getting into the $100 range for this stuff you should switch over to the Super/Ultra capacitor product models. They never need charging and will drastically outlast any Li-on models.

I feel the same way. Like when I bought a new 1993 Plymouth Voyager (SWB). Consumers Rag said they didn’t recommend it. Well, 15 years and 180k miles later, I replaced it. Car still had it’s original exhaust. So, the only REAL evaluation is when you own it yourself. That’s the real judge. So, to this day, I do not pay much mind to CR or fake write ups.

Umm, not sure which posts you’re referring to, because almost all the ones I’ve read on here have misspellings and/or poor grammar and/or punctuation issues. It’s the odd comment that doesn’t, as a matter of fact. The comments on this product are no different.