Northfire Grill Haus Infrared Grill

Northfire Grill Haus Infrared Grill

What’s the comparison to the Northfire Inferno and InfernoGo models?

All three Northfire Grills are very similar. The Grill Haus is constructed of a slightly thinner gauge of steel than the Inferno.

Thanks! So no difference in the infrared technology?

I do see that this listing only includes 1 drip tray? The Inferno models include 2 food trays … and extra tray can be purchased from Northfire website?

Correct. No difference in the Infrared technology.
The Inferno includes 1 Food Tray and 1 Drip Tray. Grill Haus includes 1 Drip Tray. Food Trays can be purchased separately.