Northfire Grill Haus Infrared Grill

Northfire Grill Haus Infrared Grill

So… you need one grill per person in order to eat together?

So no mention of this model on the Northfire website… all i see is the Inferno line. Whats the story? Seems like this is a knockoff from some other company.

It’s Northfire. This is one of their other brands so they can lower the price for some retailers.

It’s Northfire brand … model change to be able to sell cheaper. The next model up comes with 2 pans.

I think you can cook 2 steaks in there? I mean, unless you are a cave man and cooking up a brontosaurus burger.

It’s basically a home “salamander” girll … it sears quick and can cook steak and vegetables in minutes … there’s lots of videos online about these.

In for 1 cant wait to try it out.

welp … I picked on up … let’s see how this thing does. I have yet to see any reviews on this particular sub-model

When is this grill coming back?