NuVue Products Garden Box Kit

NuVue Products Garden Box Kit


The reviews were fun for this kit.

#1 comment was to assemble this on a level surface then walk it over to where you want it. If not level, the pieces may not align to snap together easily.

#2 was to reinforce the sides walls a bit. Some just used cardboard and did fine. Others dug down 2-3 inches and sunk the corners or corners & sides too.

#3 & most fun were the people who used this to set up a nice whelping pen for breeding their dogs. Some took the top off 1 side so mom could get in & out easier. There are dif ideas for a protective rail for the puppies as well that fit fine. Check out the pics. :hugs:

(Height helped to keep out bunnies. Adding steel mesh to the bottom kept out rodents)