O R’lyeh?

I have to reiterate one of my posts on this shirt’s derby thread that the lighting on cthulhu is really cool and reminds me of sunsets and sunrises on the beach.

You know…minus the giant squid monster.

Poor Drakxxx… what’s with all the screaming?

Congrats on a shirt well done Drakxxx and CD!

Looks like a big misunderstanding… Cthulhu just wants to get a hug. His love language is touch after all.

Cthulhu? I thought this was a band tee for my favorite generic screamo group!? :open_mouth:

Seems to me that the Cthulhu is getting a bit fresh with Captain Ahab…

By far, the best design in the derby. So rare to see the true cream of the crop print. Congrats, Drakxxx/Crescentdebris! Your best collab yet.

YAY!! WE WON WE WON… (doesn’t see CrescentDebris in the Creator line) oh wait … YOU WON YOU WON!!!

Thanks everyone for the support on this and the buttload of positive comments.

On a side note, I think woot gave me probably he most R3TARDED avatar I’ve seen yet. Awesome! I love you guys!

Awesome. Bought.

Love. Bought. Yay. Ok, I’ll admit that I’m mostly posting just to see what my avatar looks like…


Oh, wow… A monkey duck with a gumdrop head and a combover. lol

Congrats Draxxx and CrescentDebris, this is an epic design! Outstanding job!

I just found this site a few weeks ago and already have bought two Draxxx/Crescent shirts. You two are just too good. Ten bucks for this much awesomeness shouldn’t be legal.

I’ve been hearing the sound of that harpoon go in all week (sorry, but not going to thank you for that)…great job.

I wonder if Ahab is wearing the elder sign?

Augh, I just failed my san check

Congrats!!! Well deserved. This design is completely amazing and I’m glad to see it made the cut.


I like it, I just wish it weren’t on asphalt like so many in my collection.

Go Wings! (octopus reference)

I’m just wondering how many people who have never read any Lovecraft are going to buy this and think it’s just a big ole’ squid… Posers, the poor things…
I do believe I see a shadow over Innsmouth…

lololololololol u=i like you