Ocean’s Halo Thai Coconut Noodle Bowls

Ocean’s Halo Thai Coconut Noodle Bowls

81 grams of carbs??!?
Might be tasty, but
81 GRAMS??!?

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You beat me to it, LOL! 81g!?! WOW! Not to mention the sodium!
Hard PASS!

I mean, it IS a “big bowl of noodles”…

And 81g is actually pretty on par for a meal. If you’re following the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the goal for the day should be roughly 225-325g per day (45-65% of a 2000 kcal/day diet).

Not flavorful at all! Needed to add garlic and red onions to give it some flavor.
On top of that, the expiration date is Feb 18, 2021. Seem they were just trying to offload them due to the 1 month before the expiration date.

My worst by from Woot to date.

Hi there. That is what was stated on the Specs tab

Best By: 2/18/21

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