Olympia Provisions Pepperettes- 9 Pack

Olympia Provisions Pepperettes- 9 Pack

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The push said 50 percent off, is it 50 percent off the posted price or is 29.99 already the sale price?

Looks like $29.99 is the 50% off price. I added to my cart to see if it would discount and it didn’t. Seems a bit misleading…


Yeah, I agree

29.99 for less then a pound of cured meat, now that is pricing for the gods! At least it's not retailing for 60 for 9 x 1.7 ounce slim jim’s or I’d feel like it’s a tad much.

is it sold out? can’t add but it doesn’t say sold out either

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Are you using the app?

Hi there. It’s 50% off the list price (MSRP) of $60 which for some reason isn’t showing.

Sorry for the confusion.

This item is not discounted. Olympia provisions sells the same on their website for $20 not $60!!

That’s $20 for 3. Since this is for 9, that comes out to $60.

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Sorry - but Olympia Provisions sells the SAME for $20 plus shipping: https://www.olympiaprovisions.com/collections/all/products/pepperettes

That is a 3 packs sampler. You’re getting 3 of those 3 packs on Woot. A total of nine.


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