Same as banana boat game except a guessing game too. Play like you normally would except i pick a random word, whoever types that word wins! (ex. i choose a random word like stick. fun game, game outside, outside tree, trees stick.) whoever sais the word that i guess wins! Sounds confusing but its really not, ill start.

Dinosaur droppings

not sure I got this but…

Coprolite Mining

no no sorry haha i need to learn how to explain things better, take the last word of my word (droppings) and add a word to droppings that makes sense (ex. dropping eggs) so then the next person would say egg sandwich ect ect. you can change the words a little bit but they have to make sense.

oh ok…cuz you started with stick but then morphed into fun game…

dropping stocks

lolz yea sorry, when i said sticks i meant that thats the random word. in other words if i picked a random word, you would have to play the game until someone uses the word that i have in my head. its like 20 questions/banana boat game mixed together. let me know if you still dont get it.

I see…and I did continue the game :wink:

unless you wanna start again…

crap haha this is getting confusing, alright lets start anew.

pet theme

theme park

park city (thats where i lived last year!)

city bus

bus guss

gust wind

hey! howdy!

wind bag

bag barf

barf bag

bag poop

poop deck

deck cards

card shark