Origami Large Storage Racks

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Origami Large Storage Racks
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Thursday, Apr 09 to Tuesday, Apr 14) + transit
Condition: New


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It holds 125 lbs per shelf?
That’s impressive!
And, it’s on rollers, that could be handy…

Time to check out the prodct page

You can’t lose if you get anything Origami!

The shelves REALLY do hold what they say they do and they have good quality wheels.

I have put them together in the 20/45 second time range they advertise!

Are these made of paper? Throb scares me.

Could I use this on my patio outdoors in the summer?

Each shelf holds up to 250 pounds without the wheels, if you don’t need to move this, that’s a great amount of weight and stuff.

In January I tried to buy these exact same shelves at $139 that had a regular price of $200. Woot did provide a coupon when they couldn’t deliver but that’s a steep increase in 3 months.

how well are these coated/painted? Im thinking of putting these in my northern detached garage. Its mostly dry and salt free, yet metal things have a way of rusting in there anyway…

$172.48 on Amazon with free Prime shipping means this isn’t actually a deal, but joining the chorus on how much I love my Origami shelves. Easy to put together, easy to move, and mine are indoors so I can’t be sure, but they seem to be very well coated in terms of paint.

I bought this about 6 months ago when WOOT had it and I LOVE it. It is well made, large wheels, easy to open and add the shelves. My only issue is that I put it together on my enclosed porch and it’s still there. My cats love it too! 3 of the shelves are eye view out the window so the cats all use it to lay in the sun. I get the use of the others shelves. I wish I had bought the others when they were on here a couple weeks ago.

They are powder coated and would hold up well.

I ordered one of these end of January this year for $138, and after waiting several weeks with product on backorder, I finally bailed and cancelled order. Today’s Woot costs more, and beware backorders!

I just wanted to say I didn’t remember Throb, and wish I didn’t now.

thanks for the info. I trust powdercoat a bit more than paint.

I actually went with the $100 version, the space between these shelfs is more of a negative than a positive for me. and it looks to be MORE expensive with shipping than on amazon w/ prime… So not too compelling to choose this model.

Edit: no its $7 cheaper, I suck at math. But still not compelling. I is backordered on amazon though…

But I trust the brand has good feedback.

Agreed. They held on to my money for this item for almost a month then offered a 5 dollar coupon. Now all the sudden the “list price” of this item is 50 dollars more and a 20 dollar hike on asking price. What a joke.

I LOVE my Origami shelves! I know have a pair of the small ones, 1 medium one, the square shalf set and now the large set. Every one is wonderful and useful. Now I’m working on getting all of my friends hooked on them, too.

sold out in under 2 hours? bad Woot!