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I would SO buy the angel if it were weeping!


Also wondering if it would sink or float, as I was thinking of doing an underwater sculpture garden.

Don’t Blink!

The image of an Angel becomes an Angel. So we’re all basically screwed.

I too came for a weeping angel, but love both the floating and submerged Angel images.

If we approximate water’s density as 1g/cm3 an airtight Angel should float in water (in “normal” pressure and general conditions) if it’s volume is greater than 28122 cm3 (62 lbs as grams). Right?

The specs given would create a hypothetical rectangular prism (using the maximum dimensions) with a volume of ~1570258 cm3.

So if the actual Angel statue (including base, etc) takes up more volume than 1.8% (28123 / 1570258) of our hypothetical prism wouldn’t it float? Or are there other factors to factor in that I’m missing?

I hope if floats as I think it would make an excellent pool toy. And if you prefer to freak out scuba diving Dr Who fans instead, you can always drill and fill the base with something denser. Assuming of course that the “durable designer resin” is stable submerged in water anyway. Can we get an answer on that please Woot? :wink:



Just don’t look it in the eye.

It does give the shipping weight as 62 pounds, so it should sink.

Ordered the pictured beige California push button tilt patio umbrella. Item received was Hunter Green. Nowhere in the description stated it would be coming in a different color.

Weight does not equal density…

BEDEVERE: Who are you who are so wise in the ways of science?

So if the Angel floats, weighting the same as 62 lbs of wood or duck, then clearly it’s no Angel… it’s a witch!

+1. Aircraft carriers float, and they weight much more than 60lbs.

The mass of the object needs to be greater than the mass of the volume of water it displaces for it to sink.