Owl's Brew Mixers 4-pack Sampler

Owl's Brew Mixers 4-pack Sampler

$40 for 64 oz of non-alcoholic drink mixer samplers?!? Not for me.

Yeah, effectively $10 for a 16 oz bottle of flavored tea.

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$12.99/16 oz bottle at the Owl’s Brew website. Free shipping after adding 3rd bottle.
$15.99/32 oz bottle of Watermelon Margarita. (Only flavor available in bigger bottle.)
$49.99 for six 16 oz bottles. (All 1 flavor)
$55.99 for six 32 oz bottles of Watermelon Margarita.

At these prices, it’s kind of ridiculous they don’t offer a variety pack on their website.

Note even high quality kombucha is that much. Hard pass.

Seems like the perfect, overpriced item for offer in the coughGourmetcough section. New name for the section, same awful deals with inflated pricing or just items from companies that overcharge to begin with.

A Grocery & Household section would be great with some good deals. But, not if it’s being run by the same management that thought the Gourmet section was any value to their customers. From what I’ve seen being offered in this “new” section, it appears nothing is new and it’s the same poor management in charge.

These are available from the mother ship for the same prices as the Owl’s Brew website. Free Prime shipping on a single bottle. The Wicked Margarita has a 4 ½ :star2: rating while the Watermelon Margarita has a 3 ½ :star2: rating. Anything below 4 :star2: is a red flag for me.