Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion- 8.5 oz.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion- 8.5 oz.

Something something Silence of the Lambs reference.

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the description of each item so far has included the words ‘we’ve hidden some bags of crap in here’. so like an idiot, I thought that each item saying that ‘might’ also include a B.O.C. So now I own some nut mixes and some deodorant that I ‘won’ (and was really happy about), that I really don’t need. Ah well, contributing to some commerce I guess…


Am I the only person that really wanted this?
Please send more of these in my BoC, Brian our Champion. Thanks.

I bought one.

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Have you tried it before? How heavily scented is it? I’m not crazy about strong scents in lotions…

Limit 10 per customer

I actually chuckled. Favorite comment of the day, thus far. Bless your heart!

What size gloves you think are in next item? S or M?

So you’ve already gotten a push notice?


No, the preview in the app

If they’re small I’m gonna try and get some

The size S is selling on here for $17 I need M
Edit: those gloves sold out

Damn You, just DIE
I want gloves

This confirms that my version of the app just plain sux. I have no preview in my app. I am getting alerts, but those come a good half-minute after I’m already seeing the new item (or sitting in the VoI for the BoC)

Or am I doing something wrong with my app?


Try this: Open up the Home. Click on the current woot-off item. Scroll down

Hoping they’re XL. These were the ones they thought they were selling cases of earlier, but Wooters were only getting single boxes of.

You should then see a box to tap on repeatedly until it shows a pic and price of the next item

My preview in the app has worked today and not worked today… Currently it’s working as intended.

Ok, I’ve got Palmer’s up. Scrolling down gives me (in order)

Send me push notes (which yes, TT, I have checked)
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It’s Happy Hour (and a pic of a wine bottle holder)

That’s it.

My app sux.